Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Liquidation Theology

By Sherlock Gómez 
“Minorities” my eye! It’s Islam, that’s the fly in the ointment. I am constantly amazed by the blindness of conventional liberals to the alarming penetration of Islamism and its attendant evils into Western society over the last four decades. Which was no accident , but instead the intended outcome of Sowdy Arabia’s unprecedented campaign to export Wahhabi liquidation theology on a worldwide  scale. This effort has been crowned with success. It is masterfully recounted in the Wikipedia article “International propagation of conservative Sunni Islam”.
It has been empirically proven that the French aversion to North Africans and  their ilk is RELIGIOUS in nature!  It was discovered by means of the multiple job applicant technique.  Accordingly it is useless to continue denying the religious aspect, nd mumbling about “minorities” and “people of colour”.
Islamists are expert at the art of passing Mohammedans off as “just one more (DUSKY!) minority”. Unless Western elites start showing some backbone, they will be acquiescing in the establishment of Mohammedan hegemony over the West, in the guise of reasonably accommodating vile and primitive superstitions. 
Sheikh Sayyed Al-Ghitawi, Quebec 
It would be nice if the liberal elites could muster the resolve to take charge of the situation and permanently put the Salafilth Column in the West out of business  without treading on the toes of sundry other segments of society. But alas, those liberal elites abdicate their responsibility to restore order in a humane and lawful fashion.
Accordingly the Fascists will have to do the job.  

Such is the brutal mechanics of entrenched ideology. 

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