Sunday, 25 December 2016

China rectifies mosques using bulldozers

Worldwide wave of islamo-skepticism
Ostensibly to assure the safety of its cherished Mohammedan citizens, China has “rectified” thousands of mosques using bulldozers in its western province of Sinkiang.
According to a report from Radio Free Asia[1] dated 12 December, "The Chinese government has destroyed thousands of mosques over the past three months in the restive Xinjiang region ... Wang Jingfu, head of Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee in Kashgar City, told RFA that the government was acting out of safety concerns because many of the mosques were antiquated.”
A policeman in Toqquzaq said of local Uighurs, “Some of them laughed at us when we explained the purpose (i.e. worshipers' safety), and some of them stared at us to show their disagreement.”
Those Chinese have a way with words, you’ve got to admit. Perhaps Israel should adopt this terminology to describe its punitive measures against Palestinian buildings. That would do wonders for Israel's tarnished street cred.

In 2013 reports surfaced[2] that the Angolan government was likewise rectifying Angolan mosques. This triggered outraged protests by uptight Mohammedans in England and the Palestinian-occupied territories (see pictures). Certain unscrupulous islamophobes in the US, for their part, propagated the idea that Angola had banned islam, hoping to spark a worldwide trend (which actually wouldn’t be a bad idea). 
However to everyone’s PROFOUND relief, this turned out to be a misunderstanding and/or canard, as recently revealed by the BBC[3]. On the contrary, it seems that islam is alive and well in Angola, and actually GROWING (yuck!).   

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