Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Division of Post-Islamic Affairs

Division of Post-Islamic Affairs

Important Acronyms

ACDS    Accursed Camel Driver Syndicate 
ASSF     Anti-Sharia Strike Force
BOFOD  Bastard Offspring of Fascism and Oriental Despotism
CMCA  Central Mohammedan Conspirator Archives
DCDC   Disreputable Camel-Driver Cult
DIP       De-Islamization Proceedings
DPIF     Division of Post-Islamic Affairs
FJNI     Former Jihadist Now Incarcerated
IAFC     Islam as a Field of Criminology
IASA     Islam as a Subject of Archaeology
IREC     Imam Re-Education Camp
JNP      Jihadist Neutralization Program
LEPS     League for Eradicating Primitive Superstitions
LWICJ  Loitering with intent to commit jihad
LWPQ  Loitering while in possession of a qur’an
MOR    Ministry of Reason
MSSU   Mobile Sharia Suppression Unit
OMF    Oscar Morel Foundation
PFFPL   Prophet Foreskin Fried in Pork Lard
PIRP     Post-Islamic Recovery Phase
PSAS     Primitive Superstitions Annihilation Service
PSMB   Primitive Superstitions Mop-Up Brigade
QRAP   Quran Repository for Agricultural Purposes 

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