Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Division of Post-Islamic Affairs

Division of Post-Islamic Affairs

Important Acronyms

ACDS    Accursed Camel Driver Syndicate 
ASSF     Anti-Sharia Strike Force
BOFOD  Bastard Offspring of Fascism and Oriental Despotism
CMCA  Central Mohammedan Conspirator Archives
DCDC   Disreputable Camel-Driver Cult
DIP       De-Islamization Proceedings
DPIF     Division of Post-Islamic Affairs
FJNI     Former Jihadist Now Incarcerated
IAFC     Islam as a Field of Criminology
IASA     Islam as a Subject of Archaeology
IREC     Imam Re-Education Camp
JNP      Jihadist Neutralization Program
LEPS     League for Eradicating Primitive Superstitions
LWICJ  Loitering with intent to commit jihad
LWPQ  Loitering while in possession of a qur’an
MOR    Ministry of Reason
MSSU   Mobile Sharia Suppression Unit
OMF    Oscar Morel Foundation
PFFPL   Prophet Foreskin Fried in Pork Lard
PIRP     Post-Islamic Recovery Phase
PSAS     Primitive Superstitions Annihilation Service
PSMB   Primitive Superstitions Mop-Up Brigade
QRAP   Quran Repository for Agricultural Purposes 

Friday, 14 October 2016


Al-Azhar University, hotbed of intolerance
From Egyptian TV, downloaded from MEMRI on 30 Aug 2016. 
An Egyptian professor at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) discusses education reform in Egypt.  
"It is important not merely to improve the curricula, but to hold courses for Imams and Guides who graduated from Al-Azhar, because they are the reason for the spread of ideas that lead to violence ..."