Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Historic Switch in Presidential Plumbing Impends

Since we know that Hillary has pledged allegiance to Goldman Sachs and is in bed with Israel, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Pentagon, and numerous other geopolitical heavyweights -- all at the same time -- we have no reason to fear any undue influences acting on the seemingly predestined leader of the Untrammeled World.
Despite the innovative layout of her genito-urinary tract, which has no precedent in the Oval Office (Ovarian Office?), she promises continuity, in other words same old rip-off capitalism, with a few paternalistic (excuse me, maternalistic) perks to keep the masses dazed.
Unfortunately her game plan entails prolonged and obsequious kowtowing in the direction of the GangstaSpace and its myrmidons who infest the West.  
For the foreseeable future the right wing will have a lock on counter-jihad politics. Geert Wilders, the great hope for an enlightened counter-jihad, now claims to disbelieve in global warming and recently attended the national convention of the French Front National, a veritable stomping ground of competing reactionary traditions, from monarchists to racists, anti-semites and clerical fascists. Critics of islam who are guided by the humanist values of the Enlightenment cannot possibly make common cause with such people. The Front National has even sprouted a neoliberal current, thus losing its sole endearing trait, namely an antiquated statism that reflected its nationalism.
An anti-islam party, the AfD, has grown swiftly in Germany and is now represented in  several  regional legislatures. It consists largely of conservatives who won’t vote for Angela Merkel’s party, the CDU, any more, due to her concessions to Islam and to Muslim immigration. The AfD has become the first sizable party in Europe to make opposition to Islam the main plank of its platform, and it pulls no punches. The Afd dispenses entirely with the ceremonial restraint that politicians traditionally display when discussing islam. Without going to the questionable extreme of denying that islam is a religion, the AfD stresses islam’s purely political dimensions and correctly designates islam as unconstitutional, since sharia law is incompatible with several constitutional guarantees. Unfortunately there is some overlap with Fascistoid ideology, although no actual storm troopers have surfaced yet.    

The left, for its part, shows little sign of emerging from its ethnological fixation on rustic zealots as the embodiment of third-world emancipation. The radicaler the better. But even the left has had to adjust. I recently watched a documentary by Germany’s Left party denouncing Mohammedan hooligans. No ethnic or religious terms were used in the film, but the convicted Muslim gang members and  their defiant families were shown cursing in heavily accented German. 

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