Monday, 29 August 2016

Eager to lick the Icelandic boot

How Newcastle United Won Against Pegida & Associates, by Chi Onwurah

“I knew about Pegida, marching in their thousands through German cities against the supposed ‘Islamisation of the West’, claiming not to be racist or Islamophobic but, when the media could get someone to speak, expressing the most hateful views.”

My dearest Chi:

Your objections to Pegida sound PHONY LIKE HELL.

You cannot discuss the problem of Islamophobia
without first discussing the problem of Islam.

You dismiss Pegida because of its conservative views.
I support Pegida DESPITE its conservative views,
simply because they, like I, oppose the onward march of islam.

If leftists weren’t such yellow-bellied spineless scum,
eager to lick the Islamic boot,
I would support a leftist movement.


I think the REAL problem is that you are an ISLAMOPHILIAC.

Ta ta, Uncle Igor

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