Sunday, 21 August 2016

Come mow my lawn, Shlomo!
This news item from a few years back shows the utter insouciance of the Mohammedan masses toward the criminal nature of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood menace.  
Paramus man sues NYPD over Muslim surveillance records [video], by Hannan Adely, Staff Writer, The Bergen County Record, November 27, 2013
New York City – Troubled by news reports of secret police surveillance, Samir Hashmi requested records a year ago he believes police have on him and on the Muslim Student Association at Rutgers University, where he was treasurer.

Smear Hashmi: "I just would like those records expunged," said Hashmi, 25. "I really would like to see what activity I did that caused them to be so suspicious.”
Dear Smear, the Muslim Students’ Association has been tightly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood for over thirty years. Evidence: Introductory memorandum, the MB signed confession to its repulsive goals. The Muslim Brotherhood is the source of most of the Arab world’s Islamic terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda and Ham-Ass.   
Smear Hashmi: I've only been an active Muslim ...”
Dear Smear, if “being an active Muslim” involves joining an MB front organization, then “being an active Muslim” means being a sympathizer of Mohammedan totalitarianism. That is far more than sufficient reason to watch you very closely indeed. Mohammedan totalitarianism is a very grave danger to humankind at this stage of history.
Smear Hashmi: “ ...  and I've never advocated violence at any time
Dear Smear, so what?
Smear Hashmi: “I want peace of mind.”
Dear Smear, you won’t get peace of mind by recreating in your current location the Mohammedan hellhole (i.e. the Gangstapimp Republic of Porkistan) that your parents managed to escape.
Hashmi, a bookkeeper who graduated from college in 2011, said he joined the Muslim Student Association to help his community and show a positive side of Islam after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He also has been involved as a youth leader at the Islamic Center of Passaic County in Paterson ...
Dear Smear, the Passaic County Gangstapimp Center in Paterson, New Joisy, is a notorious hotbed of Ham-Ass agitation. It is the absolute epicenter of Palestinian subversion on the American continent. If you were a “youth leader” at that pestilential dive, you are evidently a dangerous fanatic.
... which was monitored by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which includes New Jersey and New York police and the FBI. Hashmi was born and raised in New Jersey and his parents are from Pakistan, he said.
In October 2011, the Associated Press broke news that the NYPD had watched Muslim students at 16 colleges across the Northeast by monitoring websites and emails and using undercover officers and informants to pose as students. The police actions were part of a wider program of surveillance at Muslim houses of worship, businesses and schools that stretched into New Jersey, including Muslim neighborhoods of Paterson and Newark.
Those camel-drivers are right. The NYPD has no business snooping on the Ham-Ass sympathizers at the Passaic County Gangstapimp Center

Come mow my lawn, Shlomo! 

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