Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Critical Nakbology

Consequences of Palestinians’ failure to proclaim an Arab state in 1948
... statelessness ... applies to millions of Palestinians .... an additional four and a half million Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem are effectively under Israeli control, but as stateless people, they are neither citizens of Israel nor of any other state. ... These people are routinely subjected to restrictions on their movement, unequal access to basic services such as water and electricity, imprisonment without charges, collective punishment ...

I.Slamoff: Yeh, yeh, bitchin’ and whinin’ to the bitter end!

War of Words: Israel and the Semantics of Oppression
Palestine Center, November 18, 2015, by Mohamed Mohamed*
"The violence of the Israeli army is an outcome of Israel's convenient feeling that no one will restrict her"
Haneen Zoabi, Arab Member of the Knesset

I.Slamoff: How astute!
Did it take them that long to figure out that they should have proclaimed a Palestinian state in 1948 at the same time as Israel?
The Palestinians fucked up big time by refusing to declare independence in 1948.
What grounds do they furnish for this omission?
How come they never talk about that blunder they made?
Why do they demand our help to get them out of the hole they dug for themselves?
It’s the only case I can think of where a country stubbornly refused independence because they were feeling peevish.
The main thing going for the Palestinians is brand recognition. Everyone knows about the Palestinians by now. They’ve been at it for almost a century now. Palestine is to anti-imperialist insurgencies what Quaker Oats is to breakfast cereals. The leading brand.

So no matter how badly the Palestinians fuck up, they continue to be sustained by their legend.  

In Palestinian narratives, the Nakba plays the same role as the Big Bang plays in cosmology – the beginning. As far as Palestinians are concerned, nothing existed before the Nakba, just as nothing existed before the Big Bang.  
Accordingly the Nakba, like the Big Bang, had no cause. It just happened.
How long can they keep this charade going?
As long as we let them jerk us around.

Palestinian  history started in 1948 because the Palestinians have so many skeletons in their closet that if we start tracing back the conflict, many things will come to light that are most inconvenient for the Palestinian case.

Palestinians should have followed the proponents of moderation and negotiating with the Zionists, trying to get the best deal they could at the time. Once Palestine was a sovereign state and a member of the UN, Israel wasn’t going to be able to simply march in and take over. There would have been serious trouble for Israel internationally. With their own state, the Palestinians would have been able to negotiate with Israel from a secure position and try to get the best deal they could on any dispute. As a sovereign state Palestine would have been able to bring cases to the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Its foreign offices would have had diplomatic immunity, etc. etc. 

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