Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Alex Kane Pimping for Jihad

Making Big Bucks Keeping America Terrified

Alex Kane, AlterNet Aug 2013             

This letter was deleted from the comments to Kane’s article.  
Alex Kane vigorously denounces the money-grubbing Islamophobia industry. For example he writes ·       that so-and-so “has a financial stake in keeping Americans scared and on a permanent war footing against Islamist militants”.
·       “For a 30-person class titled “Dying to Kill Us: Understanding the Mindset of Suicide Operations,” the cost is $7,856.”
So what? If Alex Kane thinks that these Islamophobes are lying, why does he choose the long and ultimately inconclusive argument of pointing out how much they have to gain by lying? Why doesn’t he just disprove their claims? That would be much simpler and far more conclusive than exploring their financial interests.
Alex Kane conflates the issue of privatisation of government, a long-term trend that started with the Reagan administration in 1981, with Islamophobia, an issue that has been topical only since 1996 or so. He seeks to discredit Islamophobic discourse by pointing out that it is being produced for gain by private contractors. He could use the same argument to denounce all government contractors.
If what the Islamophobes are saying is as ridiculous as Alex Kane claims, it shouldn’t be hard to prove that they are lying.
Why doesn’t Alex Kane simply take some statement by one of those Islamophobes and disprove it? That would be a convincing way of refuting their claims.
As a matter of fact, Kane DOES cite a number of statements that he apparently doubts, but he NEVER ACTUALLY SAYS that these statements ARE FALSE, let alone attempting to disprove any of them. Examples:
·       So-and-so “posits radical Islam as a new global ideological menace on the order of the old communist threat from the Soviet Union…” The only comment Kane provides is the lame and irrelevant remark that “Staff members include former FBI, CIA and Defense Department personnel”.
·       So-and-so writes “..how many Muslim Brotherhood front organizations there are and that the government doesn’t get it.” Kane seems to doubt, but NEVER ACTUALLY DENIES, the presence of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in the US.
·       “The training pushes anti-Muslim ideology.” Apparently Kane thinks that any statement criticising Islam must be inherently false. However he doesn’t bother to provide any examples of the training content, to show how false it is.
What kind of journalism is this, that operates through innuendo, vaguely implying that certain people are liars but never actually calling them liars or disproving their statements?
What’s your game, Alex?

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