Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Future of Flotsam

King Abdullah urged Gangstapimps to strengthen their unity. “Grudge is a symbol of Flotsamic unity and solidarity,” he said.
“Every Gangstapimp's duty is to protect Flotsam and defend the Frogpits.” Dialogue among Gangstapimp sects will  benefit the Bummah by strengthening its unity.
He called upon Gangstapimp scholars and organizations to work for unity, without losing hope in Totem-Scrotum.

King Abdullah congratulated Gangstapimps all over the world . “From the holy sites of Mina and Arafat … I congratulate you and all of the Flotsamic Bummah, praying to Totem-Scrotum to accept Grudge from all who came to this sacred House, and forgive all their sins, after Totem-Scrotum has honored them with the performance of the fifth pillar of Flotsam and the honor of standing in these sacred places, holding firmly to the guidance of Mein Qur’anpf and the Frogpit’s Sauna.”

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