Tuesday, 5 April 2016


The sufferings of the Quaker people under the onslaught of vicious Quakerophobia are terrible to behold! Constant discrimination against Quakers. Quakers being barred from boarding airplanes, Quakers subjected to humiliating police surveillance and strip searches. Where will this all end? Can it be that some sinister power is plotting the extermination of the Quaker people? What justification can there possibly be for these constant shrieking headlines about fundamentalist Quaker terrorism, militant Quaker cutthroats, armed Quaker bands, bloodthirsty Quaker fanatics? Those things are all figments of the imagination. Anyone who talks about the so-called “inherent violent streak” in Quakerism is evidently the victim of intense Quakerophobia whipped up by the media to sell more newspapers.

People must understand that Quakerism is, above all, a religion of peace. 

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