Saturday, 9 April 2016


Urgent communiqué from the Politbureau of the LEPS
[League for Eradicating Primitive Superstitions]
Jewish extremists threaten Palestinian sharia bigwig 
This was presented as a case of Zionist terrorism against a peaceful Palestinian official, who had intended to debate a secularist Israeli politician at an Israeli university.
Perhaps so.
But the aspect that we found far more interesting than the implications of threats of political violence, is the title borne by this compadre:  .


An unidentified spokesperson for the Zionist extremists announced 


We deplore violence. However, Zionist extremists have argued that sharia law is itself a system of violent oppression, so that any violence against the Gangstapimp witch doctor in question should be considered a case of self-defense.

The LEPS currently takes no position on this issue.


It is unacceptable that a territory, i.e. Palestine, that aspires to become a sovereign nation, should send as its representative before a foreign country, i.e. Israel, or any other country for that matter, a religious bureaucrat whose official task is to enforce a primitive collection of brutal superstitions on the population of his country and that of any other country that lets itself be hornswoggled into accepting sharia law as a legitimate institution, whereas sharia law’s true and proclaimed purpose is to impose despotic Islamic supremacy over the whole planet.
This is an unparalleled provocation on the part of the superstitious slack-jawed yokels of the so-called Palestinian territories.


we shall henceforth refer to the affected areas as “Fascistine”, and to their wretched denizens as “Fascistinians”.

Fascistine is evidently not yet prepared for self-rule. Its population is animated by a genocidal ideology that would become official state policy in the event of its independence. Accordingly a sovereign Fascistine would be a permanent threat to world peace.


any apparent imminent attempt to make Fascistine a sovereign nation would justify a PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE whose nature has not yet been determined.  

There are already 23 (count’em: TWENTY-THREE!) ARABIC-SPEAKING MOHAMMEDAN HELL-HOLES, and we need yet another one LIKE WE NEED A HOLE IN THE HEAD.

On the other hand there is only one Jewish state, i.e. Israel, and its survival is vital in order to assure the safety of the Jewish people, who have been subjected to many completely unwarranted threats throughout history, not least threats coming from Mohammedan fanatics in the Middle East, in Europe, and most of the other lands that the SWAB cult has managed to infest.

And that’s not counting all the NON-Arab countries that subscribe to the same crapulent horse-pucky!

A religion founded by a criminal is a criminal religion, make no mistake.

Fascistine has chosen to brand itself publicly as a land in the grip of macabre and bloodthirsty ideological compulsions.
This self-denunciation will be duly noted.
Fascistine has signed its own death warrant, so to speak. 

Infidel Kastrovič, Adolf Hitlist, Genghis Cohen, Dr Blobac 

Islam      is the 850-pound gorilla of religions.
Islam      is the cult that most brutally and tyrannically

                   imposes its own rat-race ideology on all. 

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