Saturday, 30 April 2016

Draft constitution for utopian republic

Rules for the Constitutional Convention
Here assembled beneath the heavens, we invoke thee, O Reason, to assist in our deliberations and prevent our respective limbic systems from goosing our respective prefrontal cortices as they are often prone to do in such situations.
In the drafting of the new Constitution, it shall be expressly forbidden to cite any prior law or other precedent that was first published before the Bolshevik Revolution in November 1917 [October 1917 acdg Julian calendar then in force].  Any mention of writings or authors prior to 1917 must first be expressly authorized by the Politburo. Applications for exemption can be obtained from the Chief Executioner. Standard wait after applying is six months. Number of applications received until now: zero. 

The Politburo shall designate a committee to encapsulate the paradigmatic Leitmotiv inherent in the molecular structure of duckbill platypus meatballs.


Any mention of a supreme being OF WHATEVER NATURE shall be sanctioned with a fine in the amount of 66 Turkish francs, payable immediately under penalty of watching Frankenstein reruns for 15 years solid.  

1. The Politburo shall be presided by an enlightened desktop, whose official title shall be Enlightened Desktop. 
2. The deputy of the Enlightened Desktop shall be the Enlightened Laptop. 

League for Eradicating Primitive Superstitions

The Women of Algiers, 1955 by Pablo Picasso
Gaza Gangstapimp lowlife Ismail Haniye slobbers on gunman’s paw 

Leaning Tower of Gaza

Friday, 22 April 2016

Neo-conservatism’s debt to Arab xenophobia

Comment on: Netanyahu’s Neocon Mind, By Lawrence Davidson, Consortium News, April 21, 2016
I found the description of Netanyahu’s “mind” quite alarming. His ideological bias in favor of neo-conservatism augurs badly on all fronts. One of Israel’s greatest crimes has been to foster the militaristic neo-conservative ideology in the US.
How did such a maniac attain power? His Likud party first won the Israeli parliamentary elections in 1978, thanks to the support of the Sephardi Jews of Israel, whose roots lie in the Middle East. Sephardim are more conservative than Ashkenazi Jews, who came from Europe. And Sephardim display much greater animosity toward Arabs than do Ashkenazim.  So it seems that Netanyahu’s policies, including his neocon bent, largely reflect the political views of his electoral base.
His electoral base, the Sephardim, was not part of the original Zionist plan at all. The Ashkenazim who founded Zionism and Israel were not particularly anxious to attract Middle Eastern Jews, whom they apparently regarded as ... um ... racially inferior.  (Although I’m sure they used a different phrase.)  
However the political struggles between Jews and Arabs in Palestine during the British Mandate (1917-1948) and the subsequent founding of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948, caused great indignation throughout the Arab world and Jews living in Arab countries were often harassed. Several Arab countries expelled their Jewish populations, often along with other non-Moslem ethnic minorities.[1]   An example of the mechanism at work is what happened in Aden around 1948. Aden was a British port on the Arabian peninsula’s suth coast. It is now located in Yemen. Groups of Arabian Jews  traveled from the interior to Aden, wishing to catch a boat to Israel. The local Arab population hated the newly-founded Israel and became incensed at these Jews traveling to Israel. The British colonial government set up a transit camp to protect and accommodate the migrants. Riots broke out. Very soon the rioters started looting Jewish shops. The shop-owners had no intention of traveling to Israel. But they were soon forced to change their respective minds, since they now had no future in Aden, and shortly thereafter they found themselves on ships bound for Israel.[2] Some Jews emigrated willingly from Arab countries to Israel.
But on the whole it seems that Netanyahu’s political base was supplied by the Arab countries that expelled their Jewish populations.
So in a way, Netanyahu is a blowback phenomenon.

Addendum 2016-04-30
The way I wrote this makes it seem as if the only, or the principal, cause of Jewish emigration from Arab lands in the 20th century was the Palestine conflict, and makes it seem as though in the absence of said conflict, harmony would have prevailed. But it is not so, for,  in some countries at least and most certainly in Iraq, even firmly anti-Zionist Jews were singled out for persecution in the obvious and eventually successful attempt to expel them all from the country altogether.  
This factor is what confers, in my opinion, legitimacy on Israel. The only way the Jews were going to survive in the Middle East was if they had their own state.  

No international institutions existed capable of peacefully resolving ethnic conflicts on this scale. Accordingly the territorial division was traumatic and uncoordinated on both sides. 

Most of the historical information in this note is from Wikipedia and other public sources.

[1] For example during the 1950s Nasser expelled all of Egypt’s non-Moslem ethnic minorities, i.e. Greeks, Armenians and Jews, under various pretexts. The Copts were a religious, but not an ethnic minority, so they got to stay.
[2] It is true that in Egypt and Iraq around that time bombing campaigns started, perhaps conducted by Israeli agents in order to scare local Jews into fleeing to Israel. However it seems that the bombs in Iraq were not set by Israeli agents. I’m not sure about the bombs in Egypt. In any case the volume of Jewish migration incited by Zionist terrorism was insignificant compared to the number of Jews who were either expelled from Arab countries or fled from fear of violence or persecution.  

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Free Palestine Boy

Free Palestine from Sharia
Anonymous breeders wearing snout-rags


Urgent communiqué from the Politbureau of the LEPS
[League for Eradicating Primitive Superstitions]
Jewish extremists threaten Palestinian sharia bigwig 
This was presented as a case of Zionist terrorism against a peaceful Palestinian official, who had intended to debate a secularist Israeli politician at an Israeli university.
Perhaps so.
But the aspect that we found far more interesting than the implications of threats of political violence, is the title borne by this compadre:  .


An unidentified spokesperson for the Zionist extremists announced 


We deplore violence. However, Zionist extremists have argued that sharia law is itself a system of violent oppression, so that any violence against the Gangstapimp witch doctor in question should be considered a case of self-defense.

The LEPS currently takes no position on this issue.


It is unacceptable that a territory, i.e. Palestine, that aspires to become a sovereign nation, should send as its representative before a foreign country, i.e. Israel, or any other country for that matter, a religious bureaucrat whose official task is to enforce a primitive collection of brutal superstitions on the population of his country and that of any other country that lets itself be hornswoggled into accepting sharia law as a legitimate institution, whereas sharia law’s true and proclaimed purpose is to impose despotic Islamic supremacy over the whole planet.
This is an unparalleled provocation on the part of the superstitious slack-jawed yokels of the so-called Palestinian territories.


we shall henceforth refer to the affected areas as “Fascistine”, and to their wretched denizens as “Fascistinians”.

Fascistine is evidently not yet prepared for self-rule. Its population is animated by a genocidal ideology that would become official state policy in the event of its independence. Accordingly a sovereign Fascistine would be a permanent threat to world peace.


any apparent imminent attempt to make Fascistine a sovereign nation would justify a PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE whose nature has not yet been determined.  

There are already 23 (count’em: TWENTY-THREE!) ARABIC-SPEAKING MOHAMMEDAN HELL-HOLES, and we need yet another one LIKE WE NEED A HOLE IN THE HEAD.

On the other hand there is only one Jewish state, i.e. Israel, and its survival is vital in order to assure the safety of the Jewish people, who have been subjected to many completely unwarranted threats throughout history, not least threats coming from Mohammedan fanatics in the Middle East, in Europe, and most of the other lands that the SWAB cult has managed to infest.

And that’s not counting all the NON-Arab countries that subscribe to the same crapulent horse-pucky!

A religion founded by a criminal is a criminal religion, make no mistake.

Fascistine has chosen to brand itself publicly as a land in the grip of macabre and bloodthirsty ideological compulsions.
This self-denunciation will be duly noted.
Fascistine has signed its own death warrant, so to speak. 

Infidel Kastrovič, Adolf Hitlist, Genghis Cohen, Dr Blobac 

Islam      is the 850-pound gorilla of religions.
Islam      is the cult that most brutally and tyrannically

                   imposes its own rat-race ideology on all. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


The sufferings of the Quaker people under the onslaught of vicious Quakerophobia are terrible to behold! Constant discrimination against Quakers. Quakers being barred from boarding airplanes, Quakers subjected to humiliating police surveillance and strip searches. Where will this all end? Can it be that some sinister power is plotting the extermination of the Quaker people? What justification can there possibly be for these constant shrieking headlines about fundamentalist Quaker terrorism, militant Quaker cutthroats, armed Quaker bands, bloodthirsty Quaker fanatics? Those things are all figments of the imagination. Anyone who talks about the so-called “inherent violent streak” in Quakerism is evidently the victim of intense Quakerophobia whipped up by the media to sell more newspapers.

People must understand that Quakerism is, above all, a religion of peace. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Fuck your crappy superstitions!

11-y.o. Yemeni Girl Flees Forced Marriage

11-y.o. Yemeni Girl Flees Forced Marriage: “I'd Rather Kill Myself!”

Go ahead and marry me off. I'll kill myself, just like that!
Some children decided to throw themselves into the sea. They're dead now.

They threatened to kill me if I went to my uncle´s. 
My aunt was 14 years old. She lasted one year with her husband.
He would beat her with chains.
and then she poured gasoline over herself and set herself on fire. She died.