Thursday, 6 March 2014

Abrupt End of Medea Benjamin’s Strip Tour

Breaking News:
Abrupt End of Medea Benjamin’s Strip Tour
Code Bunk Boss Brutally Assaulted by Muslims
While trying to pay a friendly visit to her colleagues of a Palestinian humanitarian NGO called Ham-Ass, reportedly located in a strip establishment, the celebrated peace activist was thrown to the ground by two Muslim men, her [fire] arm was pulled out of her pocket, and she suffered a brutal assault as a result of which she bled copiously from an undisclosed location.
Let us pray for the swift recovery of this angelic creature, together with her devout protégés from the noted faith-based humanitarian organizations Taliban, Al Qaeda and Ham-Ass, aka “Bosses of the Strip”.
This gross breach of her tights will likely force her to reschedule her solidarity meeting with representatives of the noted faith-based Boko Haram humanitarian NGO from Nigeria.

Benjamin’s peace organization Code Bunk indignantly denied absurd charges emanating from the usual Islamophobic sources according to which Benjamin is “nothing but a camp follower of the Islamo-Dipshit Brigade”. Code Bunk spokesperson Ameena Durtbagh noted that “It is sheer coincidence that Medea Benjamin’s peace efforts always seem to benefit nihilistic-genocidal-theocratic organizations. On the other hand, perhaps this reflects the fact that these are the only groups working for true and lasting peace.” 

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