Saturday, 15 June 2013

Media Matters – Islamist Gossip Pipeline

By Igor Slamoff

Moderate Muslims are standing up, Fox is just too busy smearing them to notice, by Christine Schwen, Media Matters Blog, October 26, 2010

“ … Fox News contributor Juan Williams' recent termination from NPR after stating he gets nervous when he sees pople on a plane "identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims,"

Schwen writes “There are no moderate Muslims speaking out against extremist violence? Of course, that's just not the case. … For example, following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, hundreds of Muslim leaders and scholars issued statements condemning the attacks and expressing both support for the United States and sympathy for the victims and their families. And ever since, the Muslim community in America and abroad have spoken out against terrorism and violence time and time again. Indeed, there are entire organizations devoted to advocating peaceful Islam.“

“The Muslim community … have spoken out against terrorism and violence”. The Muslim community as such has done nothing of the sort, because Moose-leems do not speak with a single voice. Indeed, some Moose-leems have “spoken out against terrorism and violence “, but on the other hand, OTHER Moose-leems have spoken out IN FAVOR OF terrorism and violence.

How come Schwen assumes that those who say one thing represent the Muslim community but those who say the opposite represent nobody but themselves?

If “the Muslim community in America … have spoken out against terrorism and violence”, where does and leave the sinister CAIR  [Chimpanzee Alliance to Ingest Roaches] gang, a notorious Muslim Brotherhood front that is widely considered  the most influential Mohammedan organization in America? CAIR  studiously avoids criticizing the terrorist outrages committed by Ham-Ass and Hezbollah, for one. Perhaps that is why Schwen didn't have the balls to mention it as one of her "peace-loving Mohammedan” outfits.

Then Schern waxes indignant and asks us in rhetorical vein: "And how about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who dared propose a Muslim cultural center in downtown Manhattan to promote cultural understanding? “

I ask right back: “How come cultural understanding can be promoted only in downtown Manhattan and nowhere else? Why didn't he set up his brainchild in Miami Beach? Or in Jeddah, for that matter? ” The opposition to his venture was largely based on its location, so close to the Mohammedan outrage of 2001. Indeed, many people had the impression that building a Chimpanzorium at that spot was an act of deliberate mockery. And I don't find that impression the least bit paranoid. On the contrary, Rauf’s project belied gross insensitivity, of the sort that – by the way – we have come to expect from the Mohammedan community.

Anyway “cultural understanding” is just a Mohammedan code word for “propagating Islam”. Interfaith hanky-panky is always a one-way street for that crowd.

As for her grandiose pronouncement that there are “entire organizations devoted to advocating peaceful Islam,“ the “entire organizations“ link leads to a single web site,
muslimsfor, run by the Ahmadi sect, which in most Mohammedan-dominated countries, notably Pakistan, is not even recognized as a branch of Islam at all! The Ahmadis are regularly denounced by mainstream Moose-leems all over the Mohammedan world as agents of imperialism. In Pakistan Ahmadis are the object of reiterated pogroms, Just like Pakistani Christians, Pakistani Hindus, etc.

But the most devious and misleading message -- of the numerous devious and misleading messages churned out on cue by Schwen and the  other robot scribblers at Media Matters -- consists in identifying Moose-leem “moderation”  with refraining from violence. The Moose-leem menagerie is teeming with sinister gangs that condemn terrorism while conspiring to establish a planet-wide camel-fart – I mean caliphate -- ruled by the purest shariacrap. A prize example is Hizb-at-tahreer, with whose logo – albeit slightly adapted --  I adorn this article. 

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