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Is the Whoma a Tumor?

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Is the Whoma a Tumor?
An Epic Poem in 2 Procedures
By Abu Somebody

Author's note: Just in order to ward off any misunderstanding, “Whoma” actually means “Ummah”. I know nothing about Huma Abedin, so I wouldn’t presume to write about her. 

Islam differs from other cults
Both in its assumptions and its results.  
'Cause depending on the situation   
it is a peculiar combination  
of religion
and/or  government
and/or  source of law
and/or  pressure group
and/or nation
and/or race.
Which makes it confusing, in other words
It's not well differentiated.

Now, cancer cells’ growth rate is related
to not being well differentiated.[1]

Furthermore I heard a rumor
(could be gallows humor)
from a baby boomer
that  the Whoma is a tumor.

You know, a carcinoma,
like a lymphadenoma,
or a melanoma,
or a papilloma, mesothelioma or neuroblastoma.

‘Cause among other catastrophes
it undergoes metastasis
and those who swear the oath
show massive growth

So perhaps this rumor
that  the Whoma is a tumor
is spot-on.


 This procedure is still in the planning stage.

[1] The breast cancer grade is assessed by comparison of the breast cancer cells to normal breast cells. The closer to normal the cancer cells are, the slower their growth and the better the prognosis. If cells are not well differentiated, they will appear immature, will divide more rapidly, and will tend to spread. Well differentiated is given a grade of 1, moderate is grade 2, while poor or undifferentiated is given a higher grade of 3 or 4 (depending upon the scale used). The most widely used grading system is the Nottingham scheme;[93] details are provided in the discussion of breast cancer grade.
Wikipedia, Breast Cancer


  1. When I read this, my mind made an immediate association to Huma, as in

  2. oops...

    didn't realize that wouldn't be a live link,like this:

    Huma Abedin

    There, that's better. I didn't read the wiki but I doubt they seriously entertain any 'nonsense' about her blatant Mus Bro connections. That would be Islamophobic, right?