Thursday, 25 April 2013


Letter to Chris Hedges on The Persecution of Lynne Stewart

By Mack the Naïf

I fully agree that Lynn Stewart should not be blamed or punished for defending someone charged with a crime. That’s a lawyer’s job.

However, LONG AFTER THE BLIND SHEIKH HAD BEEN CONVICTED, and hence no defense was any longer possible, she broke the law and lawyers’ ethical code by assisting the blind sheikh in communicating with his accomplices in Egypt. This is especially outrageous because by doing so she became a willing, nay, eager, tool of an international network of savagery and oppression that is every bit as odious and contemptible as US imperialism, if not more so.

Without even stopping to think, Stewart became part of the propaganda apparatus of a terrorist gang that had committed many and grave crimes with the purpose of imposing a quasi-Fascist tyranny on the Egyptian people. One of the blind sheikh’s most outrageous crimes, which you of course do not even mention, is that in 1992 he almost certainly issued the fatwa condemning to death Farag Foda, an Egyptian publicist who had devoted his life to assisting Egyptians oppressed by mediaeval Islamic superstitions. See the Wikipedia article on Farag Foda.

For example, the ten million Egyptian Christians, the Copts, who have for centuries groaned under the jackboot of Islamic persecution. Farag Foda spent his life struggling for the freedom of non-Muslims from Fascist thugs like the blind sheikh, whose life project is to plunge Egypt, the Middle East and the entire planet into a nightmare of 7th-century Arabian savagery as exemplified by the blood-stained career of the so-called “prophet” Mohammed, who killed more people than Al Capone and Billy the Kid put together.

In June 1992 Farag Foda was gunned down by Mohammedan fanatics on orders from the blind sheikh and/or his Islamofascist cronies.

Stewart didn't even bother to research the blind sheikh’s horrendous crimes. She sympathized with him, because as you put it in your inimitably hypocritical bleeding-heart phony-liberal way, she considered an Islamo-fascist dirt-bag like the sheikh “the poor, the marginalized and the despised” “for whom justice was usually denied”. You nonsensically claim that after the sheikh was convicted for blowing up the World Trade Center in 1993 – one year after he had ordered Farag Foda murdered -- “cases such as the Sheikh’s in 1995 amply demonstrate that Muslims had been targeted even earlier as the new ENEMY”.

You write “I was based in Cairo at the time as the Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times”. And you never heard of Farag Foda’s murder in 1992 by islamist thugs on orders from the blind sheikh? You only mention that the blind sheikh denounced the 1995 killings in Luxor by Muslim fanatics. However by that time he was safely locked up in an American prison cell, and denouncing the Luxor murders was probably merely a public relations stunt to earn the American public’s sympathy. While he was at large he had never denounced any Islamist crimes.

You remind me of another New York Times bureau chief -- Walter Duranty, who as Moscow bureau chief kept quiet about the Ukrainian genocide of 1933-34 committed by Stalin and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Many millions of Ukrainian peasants starved to death after their harvests were confiscated by the NKVD and they were forcibly prevented from migrating elsewhere to find food. Perhaps Duranty didn't think the news was fit to print.

Farag Foda, human rights activist
murdered by the fanatical Blind Sheikh

I conjecture that, since the Egyptian Copts might at some point become allies of Israel, you decided it was best to preemptively keep mum about the persecution to which the Copts are subjected by the Muslim fanatics whom you seem to hold in such high esteem. That way you adroitly prevented Israel from gaining any advance foothold in public opinion. A shrewd gambit, comrade!

And just in case, you decided also to keep mum about people defending the Copts from oppression, like Farag Foda, who although an atheist, might at any moment become Israel’s trump card! A master stroke!

How else can you explain such a dramatic contrast:
On the one hand the exquisite sympathy with which you chronicle the sufferings of Palestinians and of Israelis who protest against the Palestinians’ oppression by Israel;
On the other hand, anyone who is a target of Islamist savagery instantly becomes a non-person whose existence is not even hinted at.

I intend to nominate you for the Dr. Joseph Goebbels Prize for Journalistic Objectivity.

Omar Abdel-Rahman, terror boss
with a doctorate in Islamic theology

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