Thursday, 21 February 2013

Code Pink Terrorist Lackeys

CODEPINK Plans Vigil for Drone Victims Outside the Pakistani Embassy with Members of the Pakistani Community                      (Modified 23 Feb)
Medea Benjamin, Code Pink's boss

Criticizing US imperialism is cool, but how come Code Pink and its ilk never find anything to criticize about the poor victims, and especially the people lurking behind the poor victims?
Nobody disputes that North Waziristan contains dozens of Al-Qaida training camps. In Norway 2 terrorists were convicted who had trained in N Waziristan and intended to murder Danish journalists. Do Danish journalists’ lives count for nothing?

POSTSCRIPT: Today I read a report in the NY Times entitled Britain Convicts 3 in Plot to Rival ’05 Transit Attack, by John F. Burns (NY Times February 21, 2013). I cite some relevant passages:

Two of the men, Mr. Naseer and Mr. Khalid, were tracked by the security services leaving Britain and entering terrorist training camps linked to Al Qaeda on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Later, the prosecution said, the two arranged for four other young Birmingham men to go to Pakistan for terrorist training. Those four were among the six who pleaded guilty earlier.
The prosecution said that the three main Birmingham plotters were overheard criticizing the 2005 transit attackers for failing to include loose nails in their bombs to make them more lethal.
The court heard that Mr. Naseer and his fellow plotters were heavily influenced by the propaganda of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric who was killed by an American drone strike in Yemen.

That really proves Code Pink’s point about how futile drone strikes are, huh?

I especially relish that bit about “the … Birmingham plotters were overheard criticizing the 2005 transit attackers for failing to include loose nails in their bombs to make them more lethal.” Yes, naturally, every self-respecting deeply religious person nowadays stashes loose nails in her bombs as a matter of course. 

I reiterate my question, now applying it to the intended victims of the devout Birmingham gents: Do the lives of English people count for nothing? 
Pakistani national hero

By the way, I have a suggestion: During your vigil tonite before the Pakistan embassy -- together with those distinguished members of the Pakistani Community, of course -- why don't you include these Birmingham chaps in your prayers as well? After all, it was only by a miracle that they weren’t blown to smithereens, too, by those nasty imperialist drones, while they were strenuously training to fulfill their religious duties, doncha think?

I can understand that Pakistanis are indignant about the loss of life caused by imperialist aggression. I also agree that it is of the greatest importance for the US to become more beloved by Pakistani public opinion. But that can easily be arranged, namely by erecting a statue of Adolf Hitler on the Washington, DC Mall. You see, the late great Führer is extremely popular in Pakistan. That must explain why Pakistanis are so horrified by bloodshed!
3 of Ms. Benjamin's protégés now face life in prison

An alternative manner to stop US drone strikes would be for the terrorists to get the hell out of N Waziristan. That would be just as effective in terms of protecting human life. But does Code Pink ever propose anything like that?  Hell, no! They just want to bitch about the US. Understandable, but hypocritical.
Why do they bitch and whine about Israeli attacks on Gazza, but never mention the fact that Gazza shoots rockets at Israel?  Why don't  they have the slightest word of criticism for the brutal human rights violations committed by the Hamas régime that grinds Gazzans under its heel and exposes them to Israeli attack through its reckless provocations? Those dirtbags were never elected to govern Gazza. They won the Palestinian general elections in 2006, but that was 7 years ago. They took power in Gazza through  a bloody coup in 2007 and haven’t bothered to legitimize their rule through new elections. The reason is well known: most Gazzans detest Hamas and wouldn't vote for them. What difference is there between Hamas and any tin-pot Latin American dictator?

Until convincing evidence to the contrary appears, I shall continue to consider Code Pink just a bunch of hypocritical terrorist lackeys, despite all their tear-jerking pseudo-humanitarian twaddle.

Igor Slamoff

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