Thursday, 3 January 2013

- Best offence is a defense

From America's Most Dangerous Hatemongers

[The wicked counterjihadists]  have offended many Muslims, OMG!

Q: I wonder how many Gangstapimps  I have offended?

Q: Is someone keeping track?

A: There must be. Those bastards make a fetish of revenge. 

Q: Is there a book of records?

A: Sure, here it is.
Q: Who offended the fattest Gangstapimp?
A: The Duke of Wellington

Q: Who offended the greatest number of Gangstapimps in a time span of 3 minutes?

A: Pierre and Marie Curie, Jardins du Luxembourg, April 1893. 

Q: Who attained the all-time highest level of Gangstapimp-offens-iveness, measured in kilowatts per millisecond?

A: Caliph Abu Bakr, when he appeared at court in drag.

Q: And who offended the largest total number of Gangstapimps?

A: Genhgis Khan

Q: How many of those offenders were duly punished in accordance with shariacrap?

A: None.

Q: Are there special techniques for offending Gangstapimps?

A: Yes, but it's largely an empirical science. On the whole, Gangstapimps only become seriously annoyed when expressly instructed to do so by the Organization of Islamic Constipation in Jeddah. That outfit has a virtual lock on global Moham-medan indignation output.  

Q: Are there courses?

A: There’s a weekend course at the YMCA.

Q: Are Gangstapimp-offending competitions organized?

Q: Are prizes awarded?

A: We plan to stage the First Regional Gangsta-pimp-Offendathon in October.

A: Dunno yet. Still in planning stage.

Q: How can you most effectively offend a Gangstpimp?

A: You have to be able to THINK like a Gangsta-pimp.

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