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-Islamophobia definition

 Islamophobia definition“Islamophobia” is a term used to disparage people who oppose certain beliefs of the “camel-driver cult” variety. These barbarous and largely criminal superstitions are collectively known, after their alleged and perhaps mythical perpetrator, as “Mohammedan Horse-Shit”. Their systematic propagation -- usually with criminal intent -- is known as “the Mohammedan Horse-Shit Racket” or “the Gangstapimp pidgin relidgin”. 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Definition of HE-MA'AM

A He-ma'am is a Gangstapimp Witch Doctor who runs his own Chimpanzorium



In the name of Totem-Scrotum, the Morsiful and Chimpassionate
[Reprinted from RACKETEER ALERT! ] The Mohammedan Horse-Shit Racket is operated by the Camel-Driver Cults Syndicate, Inc. through its wholly-owned subsidiary the Organisation of Salami Constipation, located in …

Confused by the news?

To test our distinguished readers' alertness and sensitivity to current events, we here present the ALL-NEW

Slaughterfaith QUIZ

What's the difference between
(1) the Gangstapimp Pidgin Relidgin and
(2) the Mohammedan Horse-Shit Racket?

And in what way are they curiously BOTH related to

3)    the  Camel-Driver Cults Syndicate, Inc.?

4)    Is a Gangstapimp Witch-Doctor capable of fashioning meaning out of frog-shit?
5)    Did Scrotum-Face have a lot of chimpanzee buddies?
6)    Did he ever try to kill any of them?
7)    Did he succeed?
8)    How many did he take out?
9)    In what way, if any, is this incident related to Scrotum-Face’s subsequent penis inferiority complex? 

Answers in the next issue. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Want a license to kill? Join the true faith today. Your friendly Camel-Driver Cults Syndicate, In the name of Totem-Scrotum, the Morsiful and Chimpassionate


Islam is not just a regular religion it’s a SLAUGHTERFAITH. Camel-driver cults suck big time. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013


-Islam -- Hotbed of Chimp-Think

Islam -- Hotbed of Chimp-Think

Introduction to Islamo-Chimp Theory

by Igor Slamoff


This new approach to analyzing Islam is neither satire not provocation.  Instead, it is a seriously meant scientific hypothesis based on sober observation of actual social phenomena and historical events recorded by trained scholars. I first conceived the hypothesis of a partial analogy between Moslem and chimpanzee societies while reading scientific works on chimpanzee behaviour written by mainstream anthropologists.

Analogies between human and chimpanzee behaviour are a well-established and uncontroversial methodological tool in the social sciences. The only specific case of such use that I know of is the use of chimpanzee behaviour models to analyze the behaviour of human male youth gangs and their members.

Very clear similarities have been demonstrated between the behaviour of chimpanzees and that of members of human youth gangs.  

Consequently hypothesising analogies between chimpanzee society and human social groups is methodologically unobjectionable and should under no circumstances be misinterpreted as derogatory toward the human social groups selected for comparison.

Moreover, it should be perfectly clear that this methodology has nothing to do with comparative human genetics and is consequently incapable of yielding any conclusions regarding any hypothetical or actual biological differences or resemblances among different human groups. The comparison is solely between behaviour of human youth gangs and that of bands of chimpanzees. 

Statement of the hypothesis  
On the basis of observation of the  empirical evidence at my disposal I concluded that those behaviour patterns of human youth gangs that resemble certain chimpanzee behaviour patterns are likewise prominently displayed by many Mohammedans and by various subgroups of Mohammedan societies. .

The nexus is provided by the fact that during a crucial formative stage of Islam –- namely immediately after the hijra from Mecca to Madeenah -- all able-bodied Muslim males were employed full-time as bandits, plundering passing caravans, killing the men and enslaving the women and children, in accordance with immemorial tribal traditions reaching back to the proto-Semites. As a matter of fact in classical Arabic there was no word for “male slave”.

Although I’m hazy on the essential differences between a youth gang and a band of robbers, I suspect that there is considerable overlap. That, of course would have to be decided by specialists in the field.  

I hypothesise that Mohammedan societies tend to reward behaviour resembling chimpanzee behaviour and, as a corollary, that they tend to punish behaviour that diverges from chimpanzee behaviour. This opens the door to the more far-reaching hypothesis that by preserving, through its social institutions, behaviour patterns characteristic of the lower primates, the Mohammedan cult constitutes an obstacle to human development.

If that hypothesis is confirmed by the evidence, the ensuing finding would constitute a grave indictment of the Mohammedan cult and would undoubtedly provide arguments in favour of its speedy dissolution and/or eradication. The legal grounds would likely be a pattern -- seemingly immanent to Mohammedanism -- of systematic disregard for human rights on a massive scale.

Higgledy-piggledy sharia
A circumstance that lends credence to this notion is that Mohammedans form the only religious group that has rejected en bloc the concept of human rights as established by the UN in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The so-called “islamic human rights" proclaimed in the Cairo Declaration of 1990 are not only extremely restricted in scope,  but are not even true rights at all, since under articles 23 and 24 of the Declaration,  every single one of them depends for its validity on not breaching sharia law. Sharia law, for its part, is nowhere codified in a binding manner.  Accordingly all the so-called “rights” granted by the Cairo Declaration can be brushed aside at any time by a vague reference to an undefined, controversial and amorphous body of rules established higgledy-piggledy over many centuries, and almost none of which are universally accepted.

Status of research project 

Since  I have no training in the field of anthropology, others must do the required research. I will attempt to fund some preliminary work relying on the  meagre resources at my disposal.

Although the hypothesis has not been proven, or even for that matter formally stated, I am personally persuaded that it is sound. This is because the hypothesis was so strongly suggested by perusal of high-quality and randomly gathered data. Furthermore I can think of no cogent methodological argument that would tend to contradict or invalidate it

Accordingly I shall henceforth tentatively consider the hypothesis to be a reliable guide to reality, until it is refuted or rendered implausible by subsequent scientific research.

A brief account of the curious resemblances I noted between chimpanzee and Mohammedan behaviours, and of the books where I found out about them, is provided in my open letter "Innocence of Gangstapimps” recently published on my Slaughterfaith blog. 

Monday, 7 January 2013


Gangstapimp Offensiveness [gangstoff] Test


The purpose of this test is to determine the offensiveness, measured in Gangstoff Units, of various English-language expressions, when uttered at a volume of 52 dB and a distance of 12 cm above and to the left of the left ear of the Gangstapimp Subject. [See diagram on p 73].

Background white noise: G22.

[NOTICE: Use of right ear instead of left requires the Research Director’s prior written approval]

A few examples used as benchmarks:

“The Sanctuary of Beefsteak Lovers”
“The Sanctuary of Pork-Chop Lovers”
"The Mecca of Pork-Chop Lovers”

“You hit the jackpot!”
“You lucky dog!”

“I find Muslims rather doctrinaire.”
“I find Muslims rather dogmatic.”

“Would you like to meet my friends from Rwanda?”
“Would you like to meet some pygmies?”

“Your possessions are piled up in complete disorder.”
“Your possessions are piled up higgledy-piggledy.”

“You bought it sight unseen.”
“You bought a pig in a poke.”

Friday, 4 January 2013



 Well, you see, this ancient  and unsavory camel-driver cult is called “Gangstapimp” because it was founded by a gangster who was also a part-time pimp. Name of Scrotum-Face. …. Ring a bell?

При схожих обстоятельствах погибла медсестра, работавшая в ее больнице?

Yeah, you could put it that way, sort of a precursor of Lawrence of Arabia, same general idea. Big on camels. But strictly local talent, see?


This Lawrence dude was a Limey, you know.  ... Kind of a bloodthirsty motherfucker, too, if I may put in my 2 cents' worth. Used to chop people up.

Who? Lawrence or Scrotum-Face?

Scrotum-Face, of course. At least that’s what the Ahadeeth say.

The what?

And the Seerah.

The what and the Seerah?


In the name of Totem-Scrotum, 
the Morsiful and Chimpassionate

Oh, most sublime Grand Shmoofty!

I am a law student, and I am puzzled by the multiple definitions of TERRORISM that have surfaced of late.

In 1999 OIC (i.e., the Organization of Islamic Constipation) adopted the Organization of Islamic Constipation's Convention on Combating International Terrorism.[23]

Therein terrorism was defined as “any act or threat of violence carried out with the aim of, among other things, imperiling people’s honour, occupying or seizing public or private property, or threatening the stability, territorial integrity, political unity or sovereignty of a state. Bla bla bla bla bla

2. At the 34th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (ICFM), a section of the  Organization of Islamic Constipation, in May 2007, the foreign ministers declared Islamophobia to be the worst form of terrorism. Bla bla bla bla bla [28]

3. Furthermore, at a meeting in Malaysia in April 2002, delegates of the Organization of Islamic Constipation rejected any description of the Palestinian conflict with Israel as terrorism. Their declaration was explicit: "We reject any attempt to link terrorism to the struggle of the Palestinian people in the exercise of their inalienable right to establish their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Shrif (Jerusalem) as its capital. Bla bla bla bla bla "

4. And finally, only a few weeks ago, 10,000 Muslims protested outside the offices of Google in London against  “Innocence of Muslims”, a biographical movie about His Pbuhness Muhammad that they didn't like. One of the speakers, Sheikh Fat-Arse Al-Aqtab Siddiqi, told The Daily Telegraph: “Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. Bla bla bla bla bla

1. Starting with definition 1, it seems there are 4 main categories of terrorism, namely “any act or threat of violence carried out with the aim of:
  1. Imperiling People’s Honour
  2. Occupying or Seizing
    1. Public or
    2. Private Property
  3. Threatening a State 's  
    1. Stability,
    2. Territorial Integrity,
    3. Political Unity or
    4. Sovereignty, or
  4. Other Things.

Now, this 4th kind of terrorism is what puzzles me most: “Violence Carried Out with the Aim of Other Things

The “Other Things” clause would seem to give the court very broad discretion in deciding whether someone was guilty of terrorism or not, don't you think? You know, depending on what sort of, uh, things happened to be on the defendant’s mind at the time of the crime … if it was a crime, of course …. but also perhaps if it wasn't.  

2. Well, we’ll leave that   issue pending for the  moment and proceed to point 2, i.e.  “Islamophobia is the worst form of terrorism. Bla bla bla bla bla

So, if
                    I.      terrorism” is any violence or threat thereof carried out with the aim of bla bla bla bla bla, AND
                  II.      Islamophobia is a form of terrorism, THEN
                III.      islamophobia is by definition an act or threat of violence, even with no overt mention of violence or violent act!   

Accordingly, we must conclude that the violence is implicit in the Islamophobic act. Any animosity toward our Sacred Faith, even if manifested merely by quizzically raising an eyebrow, is automatically considered violence, and presumably can be repelled with lethal force, at the discretion of any circumcised male Muslim.

3.       Advancing to point 3, a conflict arises, for what happens if a Palestinian person, in the course of the  Palestinian people 's struggle  exercising their inalienable right to establish their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Shrif (Jerusalem) as its capital, commits an act of  Islamophobia?

4.       And what if the act of  Islamophobia happens in the course of the  Palestinian people 's struggle  exercising their inalienable right to establish their independent state, but with Las Vegas as its capital instead of Al-Quds bla bla bla bla bla?    

5.       And finally, which is worse, Islamophobia or genocide?  Because some of our prominent spiritual leaders who inveigh against Islamophobia are definitely in favor of genocide.

The Grand Shmoofty's reply:

Ya can't beat the system, kid!

The Grand Shmoofty has spoken.
Long live the Grand Shmoofty!

Thursday, 3 January 2013



- Their side is genocide!

The preamble to the Genocide Convention states that "genocide is a crime under international law … and condemned by the civilized world".

That may be true for the civilized world.

The Muslim world, on the other hand, has a completely different perspective on the issue.

Read on for proof.

 A couple of days ago, the spiritual leader of the Syrian Sunni resistance threatened to chop up all members of the Alawite sect for dog food.

Yesterday the spiritual leader of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt threatened the Christian minority with a bloodbath if it continued opposing the current Moslem Brotherhood government.

Sunni terrorists beheaded some 40 Shia hostages in Porkistan last week.

When Pamela Geller called Mohammedans “savages”, their feeling were SO hurt, poor things! And everybody was REALLY shocked! How dare she offend those tender Mohammedan sensibilities so brutally!

The main reason I prefer Jerusalem to remain under undivided Zionist control is that otherwise the Palestinians  will destroy the Jewish and Christian antiquities in the city.

While Jerusalem was still partly under Jordanian control before 1967, the Jordanian army in Jerusalem used Jewish tombstones to pave roads with.

Must we really run the risk of such things repeating themselves?

- Best offence is a defense

From America's Most Dangerous Hatemongers

[The wicked counterjihadists]  have offended many Muslims, OMG!

Q: I wonder how many Gangstapimps  I have offended?

Q: Is someone keeping track?

A: There must be. Those bastards make a fetish of revenge. 

Q: Is there a book of records?

A: Sure, here it is.
Q: Who offended the fattest Gangstapimp?
A: The Duke of Wellington

Q: Who offended the greatest number of Gangstapimps in a time span of 3 minutes?

A: Pierre and Marie Curie, Jardins du Luxembourg, April 1893. 

Q: Who attained the all-time highest level of Gangstapimp-offens-iveness, measured in kilowatts per millisecond?

A: Caliph Abu Bakr, when he appeared at court in drag.

Q: And who offended the largest total number of Gangstapimps?

A: Genhgis Khan

Q: How many of those offenders were duly punished in accordance with shariacrap?

A: None.

Q: Are there special techniques for offending Gangstapimps?

A: Yes, but it's largely an empirical science. On the whole, Gangstapimps only become seriously annoyed when expressly instructed to do so by the Organization of Islamic Constipation in Jeddah. That outfit has a virtual lock on global Moham-medan indignation output.  

Q: Are there courses?

A: There’s a weekend course at the YMCA.

Q: Are Gangstapimp-offending competitions organized?

Q: Are prizes awarded?

A: We plan to stage the First Regional Gangsta-pimp-Offendathon in October.

A: Dunno yet. Still in planning stage.

Q: How can you most effectively offend a Gangstpimp?

A: You have to be able to THINK like a Gangsta-pimp.

- Mawdoody’s Islamo-Fascist Revolution

 Mawdoody’s Islamo-Fascist Permanent Revolution

CRACKPOT  BIGOT  - Syed Abool Mowdoody (1903-1979) 

"Islam is not the name of a mere “Religion”, nor is Muslim the title of a “Nation”. The truth is that Islam is a revolutionary ideology which seeks to alter the social order of the entire world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenets and ideals. “Muslims” is the title of that “International Revolutionary Party” organized by Islam to carry out its revolutionary programme. “Jihad” refers to that revolutionary struggle and utmost exertion which the Islamic Nation/Party brings into play in order to achieve this objective (emphasis added).” [xxxviii]

[Abu ‘Ali] Mawdudi 

Thanks for the tip-off, bro!
Starting tomorrow all new mosques must have nozzles built into their ceilings. 

- Mid-Manhattan Sharia Court proceedings

From the transcripts of the Mid-Manhattan Sharia Court for Petty Offenses

Date:   23 Muharram 1468 A.H.
Qadi trying the case: The Learned Ibrahim Hoover

            THE CLERK:

In the name of Totem-Scrotum, the Morsiful and Chimpassionate
There stand before  the  court :
  1. The Perpetrators
  2. The Henchpersons of the Perpetrators
  3. The Instigators of the Perpetrators and their Henchpersons
  4. The Instigators of the Perpetrators and their Enablers
  5. The Enablers of the Instigators of the Perpetrators and their Henchpersons
  6. The Financiers of the Enablers of the Instigators of the Perpetrators and their Henchpersons
  • The Perpetrators stand before the court charged with the offense of Perpetration to the Nth degree;
  • The Henchpersons of the Perpetrators stand before the court charged with the offense of Aiding and Abetting Perpetration to the Nth degree;
  • The Instigators of the Perpetrators and their Henchpersons stand before the court charged with the offense of Instigation to Perpetration to the Nth degree;
  • The Enablers of the Instigators of the Perpetrators and their Henchpersons stand before the court charged with the offense of Enabling Instigation to Perpetration  to the Nth degree;
  • The Financiers of the Enablers of the Instigators of the Perpetrators and their Henchpersons stand before the court charged with the offense of Financing the Enablement of Instigation to Perpetration  to the Nth degree;

In the name of Totem-Scrotum, the Morsiful and Chimpassionate
How do you plead?
Defendant Mingo Kaputt
(Nickname in the milieu: “Squalid Walid”):
"Well, it's like this, Your Honor. Me and the Missus were just having a little pick-me-up on the, back porch, when all of a sudden, out of the blue … “

Defendants plead guilty on all counts.  Off with their heads!  Next case!

[end of transcript]