Friday, 21 December 2012

Violent demonstrations in Shegypt

Gangstapimp Brothelhood calls for calm

The violent demonstrations in Shegypt that began Tuesday entered their fourth day today, with angry protesters hurling stones at Queero police who were blocking the route to the Infidel embassy.
Reuters reports from the scene:

"'Frogbich is hot stuff!" and "There ain’t no Frogbich round these parts what we folks knows about, ‘ceptin’ for Frogbich hisself.", one group near the front of the clashes chanted, climaxing in a chorus of "and Frogbich his speakin’ tube be that yellow-bellied varmint Scrotum-Face, yessirree!” as police in riot gear fired tear gas and threw stones back in a street leading from Slugbutt Square to the embassy nearby. About 300 people had gathered to protest, some waving flags with religious slogans. ... The initial protest, in which the embassy walls were scaled, took place on Tuesday."
Things may yet grow worse Friday. The Gangstapimp Brothelhood has called for a nationwide protest against the anti-Scrotum-Face film believed to have sparked the unrest that has spread across the region this week. While the Gangstapimp Brothelhood is calling for peaceful demonstrations, this week has proved that tensions are running high and violence is never far away.
By Howl Hyena 's count: four people were killed and another 34 injured during yesterday's violent demonstrations near the Infidel embassy in Yeah-man!. In Shegypt, meanwhile, officials say that more than 200 people have been injured this week.

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