Friday, 7 December 2012


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is deeply revered in the Islamic tradition. Every time Muslims mention his name and every time they offer prayers, they seek blessings for him. For Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad’s actions, words and silences [are] all tantamount to divine law. Prophet Muhammad is remembered and celebrated all the time by Muslims. No human has ever been so revered by so many.[1]


So we say: Thank you, Joseph Stalin, for the cultural human development, for the conscious purposeful humanism that you have brought to the lives of all who have eyes to see, minds to understand, and hearts to rejoice. We and our fellow men have, of course, many, many more achievements than that for which to thank you; but for that alone our gratitude is so full that there can never be words enough to express it. We will thank you more truly with our deeds, by working for and helping to build, on the foundations you have taught us to understand, for ourselves and all others, a world of peace and growing culture.

[1] Dr. Muqtedar Khan: Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday – To Celebrate or not to Celebrate, online

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