Friday, 7 December 2012

Pumpkin-Heads vs.Gangstapimps

 Pumpkin-Heads  vs. Gangstapimps

Pumpkin-Head intrigue
against Gangstah and the Gangstapimps
their deep-seated hatred and
their treachery and troublemaking
give Gangstapimps strong warnings, requiring them to be on their guard in dealing with
the hostile and malicious scheming of the Pumpkin.Heads
Gangstapimps are pointedly told not to emulate
the behaviour of the Pumpkin.Heads
or to fall for
their trickery and deceit.
Pumpkin.Heads were making an issue
of Gangstah.
They utilized this to raise doubts
in Gangstapimp minds.

Condensed from Sayyid Qutb: In the Shade of the Koran, Volume 01 (surah_1-2), pages 148-9

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