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-Ethnic cleansing? So what?

by Igor Slamoff

1. Israel’s first founding myth is the Holocaust, in which most European Jews were murdered by the Fascist régimes of Europe, foremost among them by that of Germany.
“Hillberg, Peter Novick, Tony Judt, Gabi Piterburg, Norman Finkelstein, Amira Hass and numerous others of Jewish origin have warned against the uses being made of the Holocaust in contemporary politics, and not just in Israel. It is short-sighted and counterproductive.”[1]
However, appeals to the Holocaust alone do not suffice to provide Israel with a respectable self-image. There is also the matter of the local Arabs who were driven out.
Peter Novick writes
'The claims of Palestinian complicity in the murder of the European Jews were to some extent a defensive strategy, a preemptive response to the Palestinian complaint that if Israel was recompensed for the Holocaust, it was unjust that Palestinian Muslims should pick up the bill for the crimes of European Christians. The assertion that Palestinians were complicit in the Holocaust was mostly based on the case of the Mufti of Jerusalem, a pre-World War II Palestinian nationalist leader who, to escape imprisonment by the British, sought refuge during the war in Germany.The Mufti was in many ways a disreputable character, but post-war claims that he played any significant part in the Holocaust have never been sustained.[2] This did not prevent the editors of the four-volume Encyclopedia of the Holocaust from giving him a starring role. The article on the Mufti is more than twice as long as the articles on Goebbels and Goering, longer than the articles on Himmler and Heydrich combined, longer than the article on Eichmann--of all the biographical articles, it is exceeded in length, but only slightly, by the entry for Hitler.'[185]
However, even if we ignore Grumfty’s activities on behalf of the German Reich, it appears that he actually planned to accompany the Einsatzkommandos of Rommel’s Panzerarmee Afrika  to Jerusalem to help wipe out the Jews.
This fact was not discovered until a few years ago by Klaus Michael Mallmann and Martin Cüppers, long after the Grumfty had been talked to death. It thus constitutes new evidence and allows us to re-examine the whole issue of possible Palestinian Arab complicity in the Holocaust, which is dealt with in section 5.1 of this essay.   

2. Israel’s second founding myth was that in 1948 the Arabs had left of their own accord, and had not been purposely expelled. A number of historians have challenged this story. Ilan Pappe, an Israeli historian, has gone further than any other Israeli in accusing the Zionist movement under David Ben-Gurion of planning and consciously carrying out the expulsion of the Arabs.[3]
For obvious reasons Ben-Gurion’s ethnic cleansing policy was never officially announced, or even acknowledged, and no bureaucracy was created to implement it in a uniform manner. The ethnic cleansing policy appears to have been explained to underlings in the form of nudges, winks and long silences. Consequent its execution was inconsistent and half-hearted, as proven by the fact that 20% of Israel’s current population consists of Arabs.
Pappe's research results called the Israeli national conscience into question and he was forced into exile by the resentment that he had elicited .
Laila Parsons reviewed Pappe’s work[4] and stressed that “Pappe’s call for a shift from “born of war” to ethnic cleansing … (is among other things)… a plea to the majority of Israelis (and to those in the West who support the Israeli state unconditionally) to … accept that a crime was committed against the Palestinians in 1948 …”

3. Ethnic cleansing? So what?
However, as I adumbrated in section 1, I suggest that Israel’s national myth has no pressing need  to invoke either (1) the Holocaust or (2) the alleged voluntary departure of the Palestinians.
In my opinion, Laila Parsons’ charge  that a “crime was committed against the Palestinians in 1948” seems rather dubious.

I do not deny that ethnic cleansing is a crime, just like killing people.

But, just as killing people in self-defense is no crime, ethnic cleansing committed in self-defense is likewise no crime.

In my opinion, the behavior of the Arabs alone more than justifies their expulsion from Palestine.

4. What Jews and Palestinians lost and to whom
That persistent mouthpiece of Arab and Mohammedan interests, Juan Cole, indignantly states: "[Palestinians] were expelled from what is now Israel in the 1948 Zionist ethnic cleansing campaign … Israel’s failure to provide reparations to Palestinian refugees over the past six decades is in blatant violation of international law.”[5]
In reply, I ask:
When are the governments of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, etc. going to compensate the Jews they expelled starting in 1945 for the wealth and land that those Arab states
confiscated from their Jewish citizens before expelling the ones they didn't actually murder?[6]
Throughout the 20th century Moslems everywhere reacted to news of ethnic conflict in Palestine by punishing their local Jews, who bore no blame for what other Jews did in distant Palestine. So all Jews were blamed for what Palestinian Jews did, and were systematically harassed, murdered, expropriated and eventually expelled from their native countries. Many of these Jews who had been persecuted and stripped of their assets then sought refuge in Palestine.
The upshot was a territorial exchange. The Jewish population of the Middle East and North Africa ceased being spread out over a vast region where it had lived for centuries under the jackboot of Mohammedan fanaticism, cruelty and oppression. The Jews regrouped in Palestine. When civil war broke out they eventually drove out and replaced the Arab majority. For the first time in millennia Jews were able to govern themselves instead of being a despised caste of pariahs.
Even Steven. About 600 thousand Jews were expelled from Arab countries and about 750 thousand Arabs were expelled from Palestine, in part to make way for the Jewish refugees from Arab countries.
The Jews ethnically cleansed Palestine just as they themselves had been ethically cleansed elsewhere. The Arabs had made it perfectly clear they were unwilling to live peacefully side by side with Jews. So what the fuck are they complaining about?

5. Two separate Mohammedan genocide plots against Israel
Not only were many Jews driven out by Arabs, but once the Jews had established themselves in Palestine, the Arabs made two serious attempts (or semi-serious attempts , you can never tell with these Arabs), or at lest credibly threatened to wipe the Jews out.

5.1 Mohammedan genocide plot no. 1:  Tobruk
1. If the German Afrika Korps had succeeded in invading Egypt in 1943, instead of being twice defeated by the British at el Alamein, they would have promptly occupied Palestine and murdered every single Jew in the country. In 1942 an Einsatzkommando was waiting in Athens for transport to Tobruk in North Africa. It was to be attached to Rommel 's Afrika Korps., in order to carry out the genocide of the Jews in Palestine. On arrival in Palestine they would have enjoyed the enthusiastic assistance of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who made no bones of his enthusiasm for the project. The officers chosen to lead the forthcoming Palestine  Einsatzkommando were an élite of dedicated Nazi butchers who had gathered plenty of experience in Poland and other unhappy lands.  [7] 
Consequently in 1942 only the Allied armed forces in North Africa, composed of units of the British, Polish, Australian, Indian and other armies, stood between the Jews of Palestine  and certain death.
Just so the Gentile reader sees that I am not making anything up, I  here reproduce verbatim my notes from the Mallmann and Cüppers article: 
No more Jews in Palestine:  Einsatzkommando Panzerarmee Afrika

Klaus Michael Mallmann & Martin Cüppers; Elimination of the Jewish National Home in Palestine.  The Einsatzkommando of the Panzerarmee Afrika in 1942. in Yad Vashem Studies no. 35. Editor David Silberklang, Jerusalem 2007.

Article about the Einsatzkommando organized in 1942 after Axis capture of Tobruk, preparing for Einsatz  (i.e. genocide) in N Africa and especially Palestine.

This gives an account of the German officers -- waiting in Athens in 1942 -- who would lead the Holocaust in Palestine. Very  dedicated enthusiastic Nazis. Contains description of Grumfty´s offer to go to Egypt to prepare the terrain for Axis invasion. Overwhelming Mohammedan anti-Semitism. In Syria, Iraq and Iran 90% of the population was enthusiastically pro Nazi, allegedly by virtue of anti Semitism. I see Rashid Ali in a completely new light now. King Saud of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was in touch with Rommel to procure weapons for Palestinian struggle against British.

Part of British 9th Army had to remain in Palestine to protect Jews against Arabs.
Much of the Palestine Arab population would have eagerly assisted the Nazis’ butchery. Much resentment had been built up between Jews and Arabs. Among other things, Jewish militias had enthusiastically supported the British colonial army in suppressing the Palestinian  uprising of 1936 to 1939.
The inglorious role that  the Jews undoubtedly played in Palestine  as henchmen of British colonialism inevitably calls to mind the French settlers of Algeria,  who were the main supporters of the French army in its suppression of the FLN in the 1950s. Nonetheless, and paradoxically, Palestinian hatred toward Jews cannot be glibly attributed to Jewish misbehavior

Not just Palestinians, but the entire Mohammedan population of the Middle East hated the Jews. Mohammedan Jew-hatred flourished even in places where Jews have always been on good terms with local Mohammedan majorities. Hatred for the Jews is seldom based on any prior wrong actually done by Jews, but instead arises spontaneously from Islamic ideology. 
It is often argued that Arab anti-Semitism is a European import. Perhaps so, but merchandise is usually imported into a country to satisfy an existing demand. There has been little demand for The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in China, for example, or in Latin America.  In Mohammedan  countries,  on the other hand, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion  regularly tops the best-seller lists.

5.2  Mohammedan genocide plot no. 2: Aley
In October 1947, while tensely awaiting the UN’s decision on whether or not to partition Palestine between Arabs and Jews, a pan-Arab summit was held in the Lebanese town of Aley. There, the first president of the Arab League, Abdul Rahman Azzam Pasha, gave an interview to an Egyptian journalist, explicitly threatening to exterminate all Jews in Palestine if a Jewish state was established.
The boastful, delirious farrago that Azzam Pasha delivered on that occasion was loaded with typically Arab bombast and exuberant fantasy. Its confident predictions today sound truly comical when compared to the humiliating defeat that the Jews promptly inflicted on the Arab hordes shortly thereafter. Read excerpts from the news report:
“Abdul Rahman Azzam Pasha spoke to me about the horrific war that was in the offing… saying: "I personally wish that the Jews do not drive us to this war, as this will be a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Tartar (i.e. Mongol) massacre
… zealous volunteers arriving from all corners of the world to avenge the martyrdom of the Palestine Arabs … the number of volunteers from outside Palestine will be larger than Palestine's Arab population … volunteers will be arriving to us from [as far as] India, Afghanistan, and China to … win the honor of martyrdom for the sake of Palestine …
"This war will be distinguished by three serious matters. First—faith: as each fighter deems his death on behalf of Palestine as the shortest road to paradise; …
Most desert Arabians take pleasure in fighting. .. I recall being tasked with mediating a truce in a desert war (in which I participated) that lasted for nine months…While en route to sign the truce, I was approached by some of my comrades in arms who told me: … 'Shame on you! You are a man of the people, so how could you wish to end the war… ? … How can we live without war?' … This is because war gives the Bedouin a sense of happiness, bliss, and security that peace does not provide! …”[8]
But you know those Arabs. Heap big talk but of course the Jews whipped their asses. So the Arab project to exterminate the Jews was again regretfully postponed, but never completely abandoned.
Shortly after Azzam's blood-and-thunder harangue, the UN General Assembly decided to partition Palestine. The Arab Palestinians would have none of it and promptly started killing all the Jews they could find. Civil war broke out.
The Jews eventually prevailed, won the civil war and drove out most of the Arabs.
6. Alternatives to ethnic cleansing

If the Jews had continued to tolerate many Arabs in their midst, they would have been nourishing a fifth column which could at any time join invading Arab armies and exterminate them.
Consequently, expelling the Arabs from Palestine was merely common sense. Furthermore it could be justified as retaliation for the expulsion of Jews from Arab lands, which had commenced years before Israel's independence.
So the Arabs’ own ethnic cleansing and threats of genocide were more than sufficient to warrant the expulsion of the Arabs from Palestine. The Zionists don't need the Holocaust OR the Grumfty.

7. Indemnifying Palestinians
The Palestinians could have easily been compensated for their losses with the wealth and land stolen from the Jews in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, etc. But their Muslim brothers in those countries wouldn't dream of sharing their loot with the dispossessed Palestinians. In any case no such proposal was ever made.
One of the reasons for this is that the Arabs stoutly deny that they ever drove anyone out of their countries. They’re not lying. It's just that their parents and teachers carefully avoided mentioning the Arabs’ ethnic cleansing of the Jews (and of lots of other inconvenient minorities as well, but that’s another story). The historical memory of those events has been systematically expunged by the vulgar Mohammedan custom of instantly forgetting the inconvenient parts of their sordid history, so they can always consider themselves the innocent victims of Jews. Westerners, etc.[9]
They whine about being ethnically cleansed, but conveniently neglect to research the ethnic cleansings that they themselves have repeatedly performed or attempted but bungled because they’re such idiots.
In my humble opinion, if Arabs punished the Jews of Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc., for the alleged misdeeds of the Jews in Palestine, then the surviving dispossessed Jews from those lands had every right to seek satisfaction from any Arab they encountered. And the Arabs they happened to encounter were those of Palestine.
What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

7. Creating new wastelands

Mohammedans whine about being ethnically cleansed from Palestine. That would seem to imply that they regard ethnic cleansing as a crime, and consequently scrupulously refrain from practicing it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, all over the world, Mohammedans are busily persecuting, harassing, exploiting, killing and expelling existing populations of the countries where Mohammedans have managed to get a foothold.

In Germany, 80% of career criminals are from Mohammedan immigrant backgrounds. In German schools, Mohammedan students exploit, threaten and harass ethnic German students. In public swimming pools Turkish youths curse at German girls in skimpy bathing suits, call them whores, and recommend whipping them, as the Taliban do in Afghanistan. Although Turks constitute only 3% of Germany’s population, they commit 20% of its serious crimes.[10]

In Spain, the burgeoning population of Mohammedan immigrants is spreading anti-Semitism by resorting to the same gross lies the Nazis used in Germany in the last century. “Most banks in Europe and the Americas are controlled by Jewish families (who) aspire to control the world.” [11] they impose their primitive superstitions on the rest of the population. “Muslim immigrants in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands in Spain, have succeeded in forcing the expulsion of all female parking meter enforcement officers from a city neighborhood that is home to a growing Muslim population. ... Spain's Muslim community, which in recent years, has sought to impose its will over Spanish society on a variety of issues deemed offensive to Islam.
Female parking enforcement officers patrolling the streets near a mosque situated on the Plaza de Pere Garau in downtown Palma have been subjected to a systematic campaign of harassment and humiliation by Muslims who insist that only male officers should be allowed to work in the area.
In recent weeks the tensions have escalated to the point where female parking officers have been verbally abused and spit upon by Muslim immigrants seeking to force the women out of the neighborhood.”[12]
According to Radio Netherlands Worldwide, right now, Mohammedan fanatics are ethnically cleansing Jews from Holland. Prominent conservative Dutch politician Frits Bolkestein stated that Jews “who are recognisable as such, for instance Orthodox Jews. …(has) no future … in the Netherlands because of "the anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent, whose numbers keep growing''. Bolkenstein recommends “that this group of Jews should encourage their children to emigrate to either the United States or Israel, because he has little confidence in the effectiveness of the government's proposals for fighting anti-Semitism.”[13]

In Holland’s southern neighbor, “Two Muslim politicians, who just won municipal elections in Belgium's capital, Brussels, on October 14, have vowed to implement Islamic Sharia law in Belgium. ”One of them, Redouane Ahrouch, a candidate from the fledgling Islam Party, won a seat in Anderlecht, a heavily Islamized district of Brussels. A one-hour video in French of his post-election press conference can be seen on YouTube. … in the video (0:07:40) Ahrouch, 42, says he will strive to make sure that the town council's "motions and solutions … will emanate from Islam."[14]
Ahrouch … was sentenced to six months in prison in 2003 for the assault and battery of his disabled wife, also spends considerable time talking about ethics in politics and "respect for the other."

In Bangladesh, where 90% of the population is Mohammedan, the Hindu minority is rapidly shrinking. "Rise of Islamists as well as greed of forceful occupation of Hindu properties has compelled hundreds of Hindu families in migrating to other countries …. more than three hundred Islamic charitable organizations are actively engaged in patronizing and funding converting Hindus into Islam … Muslim influential figures in various parts of Bangladesh, … force hundreds Hindu families in selling their properties at unbelievably cheaper price and migrate mostly to India in order to skip numerous forms of repressive actions. If any Hindu tried to protect their ancestral property and resist undue pressure of the Muslims, either their houses were set on fire or female members of those families were forcefully abducted as well as gang-raped. In most cases, law enforcing agencies, instead of standing in protecting the Hindu families, tried to defend the perpetrators, simply because of their political identity or social status.” [15]

The connection between Muslim immigration — or Muslim-influenced Third World immigration — and the rise of a new anti-Semitism is a fact all over Europe. Muslims come from countries (or are culturally attuned to countries) where unreconstructed, Nazi-style Jew-bashing dominates. They are impervious to the ethical debate about the Holocaust and the rejection of anti-Jewish stereotypes that were gradually incorporated into the European political discourse and consciousness in the second half of the 20th century (to the point that lessons on the Holocaust are frequently dropped from the curriculum at schools with a plurality or a majority of Muslim pupils), and are more likely than non-Muslims to engage in assaults, attacks, or harassment practices directed at Jews. Moreover, Muslim anti-Semitism reactivates in many places a dormant, but by no means extinct, non-Muslim European anti-Semitism. Once Muslims are unopposed, or at least unprosecuted, when they challenge the historical veracity of the Holocaust or when they refer to the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as an authentic document, a growing number of non-Muslims feel free to do the same.[16]

I find it very difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Zionists did the right thing by expelling the Arabs from Palestine. Mohammedans have traditionally been intolerant toward other religions. Both before and after the Jews ejected the Palestinians from Palestine, Mohammedans have never shown the slightest scruples in persecuting, exploiting and expelling people they regard as foreign. This is completely in harmony with Mohammedan ideology consistently propagated since the time of its founder Mohammed, one of the most despicable characters in history.

[inflammatory passage removed]

8. The key to Islam’s success: Ethnic cleansing

[In this section I make generalizations about Near Eastern history
that are insufficiently researched, and are subject to change]
In the Middle East, Islam has become the dominant creed by virtue of ethnic cleansing, and is now applying the same techniques in Europe.

Outside of Palestine, 20th century cases of ethnic cleansing are much more clear-cut than in Israel. For example, without leaving the Middle East, Arabs expelled all or almost all Jews from Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and the entire Arabian peninsula except Yemen. The Jews had resided in Arabia since time immemorial. Jews had lived in Iraq, Syria and Palestine long before Arabic began to be widely spoken in those lands and long before the Mohammedan religion became dominant there. Token populations of Jews subsist today in Syria and Iran. At times they were severely persecuted but are today officially tolerated although discriminated against.

Turks and Kurds wiped out the autochthonous Armenian and Greek populations of Asia Minor, mostly by slaughtering millions of them. Only a few escaped alive.

Egypt expelled its Greeks, who had lived there for millennia, likewise since long before the Arabic language and the Mohammedan religion were known there. Egypt also expelled its Armenians, who had arrived more recently.

Moslems have massacred or expelled millions of Christians (as well as other Mohammedan sects) from Iraq, Pakistan, and other lands.

The non-Mohammedan  victims of theses cleansings were Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Chaldean Christians, and perhaps others. In every single case Mohammedans drove out non-Mohammedans and in some cases Mohammedans drove out Mohammedans.

9, A stodgy diet of Mohammedan horse-shit.

Israel is the only case where non-Mohammedans drove out Mohammedans (and some Christians). Then, in those parts of Palestine that the Jews at first failed to occupy, the Mohammedan Palestinians drove out the Christian Palestinians.

International law makes no provision for a people to constitute a sovereign state unless they already possess territory. The Jews possessed no territory. Accordingly if they had played by the rules of international law they would today have no sovereign country.

The Jews are entitled to a sovereign state. For many centuries they had none and suffered greatly therefrom.

Furthermore all dry land is settled and accordingly is claimed by some resident population.

So the only way the Jews could attain a sovereign state was by dispossessing others.

So they did. And a good thing too. They introduced some ethnic diversity into the region, which for centuries, as the Mohammedans weakened, demoralized, exploited, expelled and murdered the prior populations, had been increasingly restricted to a stodgy diet of Mohammedan horse-shit.

10.  The ex-Palestinians.

The Palestinians say they are entitled to a sovereign state.

I say we need a twenty-third Arab state like we need a hole in the head.
Palestine has never been a sovereign state, so it has no historical  rights. Palestinian Arabs are indistinguishable from other local Arabs, hence they have no claim to national self-determination.

If the Arab states had done their duty, they would have resettled the little over half a million Palestinian  refugees in the years 1948 to 1955, and the Palestinian refugee problem would have been solved over half a century ago. The Palestinian refugee problem would today be of merely antiquarian interest, like the 1939 Chicago’s World Fair.

[1] Tariq Ali: review of Gilbert Achcar's The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives, The Guardian, Saturday 26 June 2010,
[2] I strongly disagree with Novick on this point. However, my justification of Israel is not predicated on the Grumfty’s alleged role in the Holocaust, or even on the Holocaust itself, for that matter, .
[3] The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe, Oxford, UK: Oneworld, 2006 320 pp. Apparently Ben-Gurion also ordered some massacres of unarmed Arabs. However, according to Benny Morris, at most 800 Palestinian Arabs were thus  slaughtered in cold blood in 1948.   
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[9] A typical example of how Mohammedans routinely ignore facts to remain faithful to their tribal legends: Once when I was in Minneapolis, a Porkistani taxi driver practically called me a liar when I told him that since independence in 1947, India has had four Muslim presidents. This fact flatly contradicted all the lies he had been fed by his parents and the Porkistan government about a resolutely islamophobic Indian government. I offered to show him evidence in the form of a book I was reading on South Asian history -- but he had more important things to do than learn about history. I’m sure he is still indignant at Indian oppression of Muslims, too!
Unfortunately Mohammedans do not have a monopoly on this sort of caveman behavior. However they are extremely adept at applying it.
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