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- Dogma vs. Frogma

Dogma vs. Frogma
Porno-Theological Fundamentals
of Korangutan Malarkey 

by Igor Slamoff

Christians and suchlike are acquainted with the  idea of dogma:  dogma means when a Christian ecclesiastical bureaucracy holds tightly onto some belief,  much like a dog clamping a bone --or your leg -- between its teeth.

Insidious Mohammedan Hogwash

Gangstapimp has many dogmas, but where it really excels is in its abundance of frogmas. If a dogma reminds us of a dog stubbornly gripping something with its teeth, a frogma is best understood as the fundamental gambit of a slithery, slippery approach.

Gangstapimp’s approach to sincerity is similar to that of Goldman Sachs – Wall Street 's  notorious “vampire squid”. In  other words Gangstapimp is decidedly pragmatic on matters concerning   sincerity.

Rather than fiercely asserting something, Korangutan ideologues prefer to finesse the issue, playing for time, hoping that something will come up to distract people’s attention from the subject matter of the conversation, so they can make a quick exit, or utter some non-committal platitude and immediately change the subject.   

They know what they’re doing. Since Gangstapimp ideology contains so many glaring contradictions -- the inexorable fruit of millennia of talking out of both sides of your  mouth -- it's always best for a Mohammedan  not to let herself be pinned down on any given position, since at any moment embarrassing facts might emerge and throw her into utter confusion.

In the Beginning Was the Lie

Gangstapimp’s founder, the noted sadist and mobster Scrotum-Face, was not very talented in the theory department. He was more interested in practical results, preferably of a financial nature.

Hence Scrotum-Face instinctively followed the quick-and-dirty approach that is so characteristic of the criminal classes.

`Gangstapimp motto: “No need for theory – as long as they fear me!”

The trouble is that after more than a millennium of playing it by ear, so many inconsistencies have developed that logic must be renounced at the outset if one is to grasp the porno-theological fundamentals of Korangutan malarkey.

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