Wednesday, 12 December 2012

CAIR -- islamofascist tyrant’s lackey

by Adolf Hitlist

 The notorious CAIR claims to be a “civil-rights group”, but is actually the  bastard – and unacknowledged -- offspring of the Egyptian Monkey Boys a.k.a. Moslem Brotherhood, the creepy Islamofascist movement that has procreated several brutal Mohammedan terror gangs. Indeed, CAIR bears the dubious distinction of being a sibling of three bloodthirsty Islamofascist terror gangs: Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Al Qaeda. To quote Bertolt Brecht: “The womb is fertile yet, from which it crept.”

The Monkey Boy presidential candidate Morsi recently became Egypt's  first democratically elected national leader in six thousand years of Egyptian history. He promptly assumed dictatorial powers, so in all, Egypt’s democratic period lasted for about six weeks.

Now CAIR, as the Monkey Boys’ unofficial propaganda sewer, has automatically begun justifying Morsi’s power grab and associated excesses, in addition to all the other tasks CAIR must accomplish in its mission to turn the US into a squalid Mohammedan dependency. 

“CAIR-San Francisco chief Zahra Billoo dismissed American concerns that the Islamist-backed draft constitution wouldn’t protect human rights. “Why do we care about what the Egyptian Constitution says about indefinite detention, when it is being practiced by the U.S. government?”[1]  

After years of indignantly protesting as affronts to human rights the Guantánamo military prison and the omnipresent US surveillance state – jump-started by Bush II and now being perfected by his successor Obama -- the opportunistic Gangstapimp myrmidons are now relying on these undoubtedly tyrannical measures as legal precedents to impose their own dictatorship on the Egyptian people. 

I recently met a proudly chauvinistic native of China who gloried in China’s bullying and exploitation of  SE Asian countries. When I pointed out that imperialism is bad, she replied that China was merely imitating the US.

The US has truly become a model for the world.

[1] CAIR Targets Morsi/Brotherhood Critics :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Posted on December 8, 2012 by Creeping Sharia

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