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Louay Safi – Terrorism Lite

By Oliver Sherlock Holmes

Part 1 of a series Critics of Robert Spencer

Louay M. Safi is a big-shot Mohammedan politico and academic in the US who is generally considered a “moderate”.  

Indeed, according to Wikipedia, he opposes the death penalty that Islam traditionally imposes on apostates, claims islam is compatible with democracy, favors islamic reform, says that “Jihad as an armed struggle can be legitimately employed to repel aggression and lift oppression, but only as the last resort”, “rejects interpretations of islamic sources that instigate interreligious hostility”, etc.

He has also “frequently defended the fledgling Muslim American community against attacks from the far right.”

Safi blames the Far Right for promoting and harboring islamophobia ... The Far Right, he insists, wants to see deep rift between islam and the West, and has turned Muslim Americans into targets and suspects, thereby reducing their ability to play the bridge-building role.” (from Wikipedia)
Ostensibly respectable Gangstapimp

In The Dirty Dozen -- Who's who among America's leading islamophobes, Steve Rendall and Isabel Macdonald of the media watchdog FAIR cited Safi to discredit Robert Spencer, stating that “…[Spencer’s] scholarship has been questioned by islamic scholars[1] (e.g. … Louay M. Safi, Media Monitors Network, 12/29/05 …[2]

I searched for that article on the Media Monitors Network website, but in vain, alas! Consequently I read a different article by the same author, in order to learn more about his views.

In his article Islamophobia: A Call to Confronting a Creeping Disease, on Media Monitors Network (Thursday, March 29, 2007), Louay M. Safi claims that the Fiqh Council of North America [FCNA] is a “mainstream Muslim organization” that is a “target of smear campaigns in which innuendo, half-truth, and guilt by association have been employed to undermine and disrupt their efforts to integrate the Muslim American community into mainstream American society.”

One of the sources of this "smear campaign" against that pillar of rectitude that is the  FCNA is evidently a shamelessly right-wing outfit called “Team B II”. According to this organization, Safi is lying through his teeth, because they demonstrate that in reality the Fiqh Council of North America is nothing but an islamo-Fascist terror gang.

That is certainly a grave accusation, likely to inspire doubts about the sanity of the accusers. This group of right-wingers, however, cannot be easily dismissed as merely a bunch of crackpots, since it claims to include “a former CIA director, a former DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency] director, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, a retired US Navy PACOM [Pacific Command] Commander-in-Chief, a former Defense Department Inspector General, a former US Ambassador and Chief Negotiator of Defense and Space Talks, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and federal prosecutor, a former retired CIA case officer, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff senior consultant, a former FBI counterterrorism agent…” etc.

It's true that top bureaucrats sometimes lie, perhaps often. For example FBI boss George Tenet lied in 2002 when he said that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, thus giving the neocons a green flag to annex Iraq’s oil fields. However it's difficult to imagine so many of them lying in unison, especially when they back up their charges with press reports and videotapes.  

According to ThinkProgress Strikes Out on Team B II Report,[3]

"... the Fiqh Council of North America (FNCA), which bills itself as “islam’s highest religious authority in North America.” …[is] … a virtual host of convicted terrorists, unindicted co-conspirators and terror cheerleaders." Their names are:

“•      FCNA founding trustee Abdurahman Alamoudi is currently serving a 23-year federal prison sentence for his role in a Libyan intelligence plot to assassinate then-Saudi Crown Prince (now King) Abdullah. In July 2005, the Treasury Department identified Alamoudi as a top Al-Qaeda fundraiser, …

•        … Taha Jaber Al-Awani. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Al-Awani wrote a letter to Al-Arian saying that he viewed his organization “as part of and an extension” of Al-Arian’s Palestinian Islamic Jihad front group in Florida. Al-Awani previously served … [ìn] … the Saudi Embassy’s religious affairs department …

•        Current FCNA chairman Muzammil Siddiqi … As reported by the New Yorker, Siddiqi also dutifully served as translator for the Blind Shiekh [sic] just two months before the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as he harangued Siddiqi’s congregation about the necessity of violent jihad.

•        Another highly respected islamic cleric and FCNA member is Mohammad Al-Hanooti, who has the dubious distinction of being named unindicted co-conspirator in both the 1995 Blind Sheikh prosecution and the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial. A 2002 investigation by the Albany Times Union stated that several members of the cell that bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 attended Al-Hanooti’s mosque, with the mosque’s address being used to rent the truck used in the bombing. In August 1999, he testified on behalf of Al-Qaeda operative Ihad Ali saying that Ali’s refusal to provide information about the 1998 bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania was authorized by islamic law that prohibits a muslim from testifying against another muslim. A 2001 declassified FBI memorandum identified Al-Hanooti as a major Hamas fundraiser, saying that he had raised $6 million for Hamas in one year alone.

•        Fawaz Damra, … [who] … was stripped of his U.S. citizenship and deported in January 2007 after his conviction for lying on immigration forms about his ties to terrorism. What prompted the charges against Damra were videotapes of him leading a fundraiser with Sami Al-Arian to benefit Palestinian Islamic Jihad and federal wiretaps of Al-Arian and Damra discussing raising funds for the families of PIJ suicide bombers.

•        Yusuf Kavakci, who who was criticized in an editorial by the Dallas Morning News for speaking at a Dec. 2004 Dallas conference honoring the Ayatollah Khomeini and for describing two of the world’s most renowned islamic radical clerics, Yousef Al-Qaradawi and Hassan Al-Turabi, as “exemplary leaders.”

When a moderate like Safi, an ostensible opponent of Mohammedan terror, stands foursquare behind a gang of proven terrorist maniacs like the FCNA, we can fairly surmise that a great many other ostensibly moderate Mohammedans are likewise in cahoots with fanatical islamic cultthroats.  Louay Safi is a well-connected, big-shot Mohammedan politico of many years’ standing, who has a finger in every pie. It is inconceivable that he was hoodwinked by the bloodthirsty maniacs who compose the Fiqh Council of North America.

Consequently, by giving a clean bill of health to that corrupt gang of terrorist thugs, Safi is announcing to all the world his creepy infatuation with the megalomaniac Gangstapimp project of conquering an entire planet on behalf of a sinister but fictitious comic-book character known sometimes as “Allah” and sometimes as “the sleaziest con-man”. In other words Safi is nothing but a thinly disguised Islamo-Fascist dirtbag, biding his time before he unfurls the jihad flag and brandishes his scimitar.     

Accordingly, the label “moderate Mohammedan” seems to mean very little indeed.

This would appear prima facie to support Robert Spencer’s thesis of the intrinsically terroristic nature of islam.

And finally, when Steve Rendall and Isabel Macdonald, of FAIR, cite charges against Robert Spencer issued by an individual as treacherous, vile and hypocritical as Louay Safi evidently is, they do nothing but enhance Spencer’s reputation, contrary to their obvious intent.

[1] Safi indeed appears to be a bona fide scholar, since he has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. (from Wikipedia) 
[2] Steve Rendall and Isabel Macdonald: The Dirty Dozen. Who's who among America's leading Islamophobes, http://www.fair.org The authors further write “This article is part of FAIR's study, "Smearcasting, How Islamophobes Spread Bigotry, Fear and Misinformation." Visit the report's special micro-site at www.smearcasting.com

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