Wednesday, 3 October 2012

- Friendly Warning to Gangstapimps


by Cussandra

We’re civilized people.
We don't take your stone-age Gangstapimp crap seriously.[1]
It's OK for a couple of laughs, but if you start hyperventilating about that dirtbag Scrotum-Face and insist on spooking us out, there's going to be hell to pay.
Your main claim to fame seems to be that there's a whole bunch of you crazies and you're all lusting for our blood.
That is not a rational argument.
Sounds more like a psychiatric-demographical argument to me.
Rational arguments can be resolved by rational discussion.
Psychiatric-demographical arguments, on the other hand, require solutions of a different sort altogether.
These solutions involve distasteful items like martial law, suspension of constitutional rights …
I could go into further detail, but it gets kinda messy after that.
Seems to me that Steyn fellow wrote something about psychiatric-demographic conflicts not so long ago.
That seems to be what your heavy-duty Gangstapimp mob is squinting at.

A word of caution: DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK.

[1] SUBTEXT: In other words, you can blow your phony Mohammedan horse-shit out your ear.

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