Friday, 14 September 2012

-Victim of Islamophobia

How to avoid becoming a victim of Islamophobia

by Placenta Joe

Islamophobia is one of the great evils of our time. Many people’s lives have been ruined by this widespread social blight, which seems to be growing from day to day.

However there is a simple solution that can spare you the victimization that accompanies Islamophobia: simply convert to Buddhism or to some other religion that does not provoke the intense hatred that Islam inevitably elicits. After all, nobody hates Buddhists.

A moment’s reflection will reveal that being associated with a crappy murder cult like Islam is looking for trouble. Islam is the only major religion founded by a mass murderer. Islam is also the only major religion whose faithful are commanded to kill enemies of the faith, a term that is often construed very broadly.

Accordingly Mohammedans have a well-earned reputation as fanatical cutthroats. By forsaking Islam you can release yourself from the intense animosity that Islam’s countless crimes over the centuries have instilled in much of the world’s population.

Let the other Gangstapimps sweat it out! You have no obligation to continue bearing the shameful stigma that attaches to that pack of bloodthirsty hyenas. 

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