Wednesday, 26 September 2012

- Riposte to Rehmat

Consortiumnews  September 17, 2012

·         Please noted that none of what follows should be construed as a justification for US or Western foreign policy.
·         Rehmat claims that “Most of anti-Islam propaganda filth” is financed by Jews.
·         Perhaps Rehmat can give me some tips on where I could get my hands on some shekels to continue my campaign of pitiless mockery of Islam.
·         At college I minored in Islamic Studies, learnt Arabic, read the Koran, traveled to the Middle East, studied Islam and its history and slowly but surely came to detest it.
·         I detest Islam because in my experience the Muslims that most stand out, and consequently those that characterize Islam in my view, are ethnocentric, arrogant, dogmatic, insensitive to other cultures, prone to violence, irrational, quarrelsome, sneaky and obsessive about their alleged superiority to non-Muslims.
·         In other words, Muslims are easy to hate, just like the proverbial Ugly American.
·         It does not improve matters when Muslims make a point of sanctifying their founder, who according to reliable biographical records, was a gangster, a torturer and a slave trader.
·         Islam proposes this berserk killer as a model of human behavior and forbids any criticism of Mohammed under pain of death.
·         I don't understand how anyone can have the slightest respect for such a grotesque concoction of lies, cruelty and stupidity as is Islam. Islam is truly a blight on humanity.
·         By the way, Czech out my detailed critique of Mohammedan malarkey at
·         And I have not been paid my first shekel yet!
·         Slalom aleikum, Igor Slamoff

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