Wednesday, 26 September 2012

- Ray McGovern, Moslem Brotherood’s agent of influence

Igor Slamoff’s letter to AlterNet, Sept 2012

The doughty Roy McGovern is an expert at guilt-tripping us about (mostly true) US imperialist misdeeds and then calmly turning around and demanding that we kowtow to deranged Islamic ideology to assuage our consciences. 
Mohammed was a gangster, a torturer and a psychotic killer. Those are well-established historical facts, and they are accurately depicted in the film. If those Mohammedan shit-heads don’t like the facts, that’s their problem. 
This does not excuse US imperialism or Israeli adventurism. (Although as I explain elsewhere, I think history shows that Israel has a definite right to exist, and to exist right where it exists now and to keep Arab interlopers from returning).
Accepting Islamic lunacy (i.e. tacitly obeying sharia law) is NOT the proper way to make up for US imperialism. Islam is a grotesque concoction of lies and forgeries held together by naked terror. 
Ray McGovern belongs to that contemptible swarm of do-gooders who are aware of only one side of any controversy, and who ruthlessly conceal any fact that doesn´t fit snugly with their pet whims. In other words, he denounces Israeli harshness to Gazza, but meekly acquiesces in the brutal tyranny of Hamas over the Gazzan people.  

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