Wednesday, 26 September 2012

- Drones in Porkistan

Igor Slamoffs letter to Common Cause Sep 2012

I agree that it's not nice to bomb foreign countries. On the other hand, the parts of Pakistan the US is bombing i namely North Waziristan, is a hotbed of terrorist training activity, the graduates of whom then proceed to wreak havoc on European countries and North America. Consequently North Waziristan is a legitimate military target and I fully support the US bombing the daylights out of it. 
Pakistan is a country where human life is worth very little, thanks to the terrorist ideology of the Mohammedan sects that dominate it politically. So called honor killings are extremely frequent in Pakistan, as a matter of fact much more frequent that drone missile killings. 
It is rampant cynicism to whine about legitimate attacks on military targets in Pakistan when Pakistan itself is a lawless free-for-all where intra-sectarian killings are commonplace. Recently the governor of Punjab state was murdered by his own bodyguards because he was in favor of relaxing the strict blasphemy laws that many Christians are imprisoned under. 
The fact that you select a single one of Pakistan’s many problems from the huge number of problems it has, solely because this problem can be blamed on the United States, shows that your journalists have an anti-Western, pro–terrorist agenda. 

Igor Slamoff

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