Sunday, 29 July 2012

Palestinians 0, Israel 0

 by Igor Slamoff

Palestinians’ claims to solidarity from others against Israel’s oppression are not very credible. Whenever Palestinians have held power in neighboring territories they have behaved just as arrogantly toward the local population as the Israelis. In the early 1980s southern Lebanon was ruled by the PLO. The region was nicknamed “Fatah-land”. When the Israeli army invaded Lebanon in 1982, the Shia inhabitants of southern Lebanon greeted the Israelis as liberators, with flowers,[1]  They were so glad to be rid of their Palestinian masters. 

But the Israelis were just as stupid and arrogant as the Palestinians and they soon annoyed the Shia so much that the Shia set up a fighting force called Hezbollah that expelled the Israelis from Lebanon. Hezbollah is the only fighting force that has been able to beat the Israeli army decisively and as such is an admirable institution. But an institution made by Israel.

The Lebanese population is grateful to Hezbollah because it keeps the Israelis at bay, but Hezbollah’s effect on internal political life in Lebanon is extremely pernicious and reactionary.[2]

Israel’s other principal foe in the region is Hamas. Would you believe it that Israel was also the founder of Hamas?! The Shin Bet created Hamas from scratch in order to compete with the  secular PLO. The whole sordid story is recounted by Stephen Zunes.[3]

Consequently Israel's claims to solidarity from others against its Arab foes are not very credible either.

Israel has generally followed excessively harsh, short-sighted policies. You know who said that? Not Yassir Arafat, but Walter Laqueur, the eminent Jewish historian and expert on terrorism and the Middle East, who is definitely pro-Israel.

And there is room for legitimate criticism of Israeli policy; I for one have been more than uneasy since 1967 about Israeli policy vis-a-vis the West Bank and Gaza which I thought shortsighted and self defeating. This explains why Israel lost a great deal of sympathy.[4]

Consequently, I think supporters of both Israel and the  Palestinians should take  a step back and view their respective champions with more skepticism.

[1] The War of Lies, by Uri Avnery, online, June 11, 2012
[2] Hizballah development and the political economy of pain, by Bassam Haddad, Jadaliyya,     
[3] America’s Hidden Role in Hamas’s Rise to Power, by Stephen Zunes, AlterNet
Posted on January 3, 2009,
[4] An Interview with Walter Laqueur, by Alexander H. Joffe, Covenant, Global Jewish Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1 (November2006 / Cheshvan 5767)          

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


In the olden days, fat men called “muezzins” used to walk up a corkscrew staircase inside these structures, technically knows as "minarets". On arriving at a balcony, they would suddenly start yodeling. This was a prearranged signal for the faithful to start praying as hard as they could.

Nowadays there are no muezzins, and the yodeling is played on tape through loudspeakers.

Nonetheless, Gangstapimp camel exchanges are always equipped with a couple of minarets anyway, just to intimidate the local population.

In this manner thousands of tons of cement are wasted on arrogant status symbols, to the detriment of the environment.  

Saturday, 21 July 2012

- Monkey Boys International

Parody of Monkey Boys' emblem

The newly anointed president of Egypt -- a big talker but who is completely subservient to the Egyptian army -- is a prominent member of the Moslem Brotherhood (affectionately known as the "Monkey Boys"), founded in 1928 as a Fascist party. Its founder, Hassan el-Banna, was an affectionate pen pal of the young and struggling Adolf Hitler, and it supported the terrorist shenanigans of the Gestapo stooge known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, or Grumfty for short. 

The Monkey Boys have been a prolific source of Islamo-Fascist terror gangs, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and al-Qaeda. 

To quote Bertolt Brecht, "The womb is fertile yet from which it crept".   

Monday, 9 July 2012

- Violence? What violence?

DO NOT BELIEVE THE ISLAMOPHOBIC HATE PROPAGANDA! Contrary to popular belief, Islam is actually a very peaceful religion. For example, honor lynchings are only a last resort, used when a disruptive family member refuses to see reason. Furthermore, honor lynchings only involve violence if the recalcitrant party resists. When there's no resistance, honor lynchings are generally very low-key affairs and attract little attention.

Friday, 6 July 2012

- Ballyhoo Fuckbar

Ballyhoo Fuckbar -- Islamophobic remarks
for every possible occasion
By Igor Slamoff

Écrasez l’infâme. [Voltaire]

If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities. [Voltaire]

How much pig urine do you need to desecrate 20 million Korans?

If the Koran is art, then Mohammed was a bullshit artist.

Eradicate Korangutan malarkey.

Camel-driver cults suck big time.

Islam is a religion, just as a coffin is a piece of furniture.

The principal risk factor for Mohammedanism is ignorance.

Death to Islam.

Mohammed was a cranky old fart.

Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man.

We will turn Islam into a subject of Archaeology.

Mohammedanism is the only major religion founded by a mass murderer.

Islam is the most highly developed form of barbarism.

Islam makes you stupid.

The Koran: Interminable compendium of Mohammedan mumbo-jumbo

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Mohammedan fanatics.

We hate Islam because Islam is so exceedingly odious.

The only good Islamo-Fascist is a dead Islamo-Fascist.

Q. Is Islam a terrorist religion?     
A. Depends what you mean by “religion”.

Areas infested by bloodthirsty Mohammedans

Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a degenerative disease of the central nervous system.

Islam: Ideology of genocide driven by systemic paranoia.

Islam sanctifies rage. [VS Naipaul]

Don't tell me those stupid Mohammedans actually BELIEVE that crap they read in the Koran!

Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a criminal conspiracy.

Islam is a brutal political ideology with some mumbo-jumbo grafted on for good measure.

Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a pain in the ass.

Freedom of religion does not cover death cults like Islam.

Islam is a soggy mass of unadulterated horseshit -- criminal horseshit, to boot.

Islam = Scientology + death squads

Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a public nuisance.

Annihilate the BOFOD. [i.e. the Bastard Offspring of Fascism and Oriental Despotism]

No islamo-bullshit!

94% of Mohammedans are peaceful & only 6% are homicidal maniacs. So your chances are pretty good.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Charity begins (and ends) at home


by Infidel Kaştrovič  

On a site called Right-Wing Watch (sponsored by People for the American Way) I read an article by Brian Tashman (Communications Director at PFAW) denouncing a Christian organization’s leader who claims that Christians are more charitable than Mohammedans.
Under the headline “Tim Wildmon Says Islam 'Does Not Teach' Charity”. Brian Tashman writes:
“American Family Association president Tim Wildmon today used his column praising the admirable works of Christian charitable organizations to criticize Muslims.”
Tashman winds up his article by accusing Wildmon of badmouthing “the Muslim people”. That’s the first I've heard about Mohammedans being a “people”, presumably with the same standing as Eskimos, Hottentots, Apaches and Tibetans. I had always assumed they constituted a “religion”. Certainly a very curious choice of words.
In his column, Tim Wildmon claims that Christians help Indian Dalets (Untouchables), while “[t]here is no such comparable work being done around the world by Islamic groups or organizations -- because the Koran does not teach such charity.”

Firstly I must note that Tashman misquotes Wildmon by leaving out the key adjective “such” out of his headline. Wildmon says “ the Koran does not teach such charity.”.

I presume that by “such charity” Wildmon means “charity toward people of other faiths”. However it is an open question to what extent the charity provided by the American Family Association constitutes bribery to induce Dalets to convert to Christianity.

As proof that Mohammedans do indeed practise charity, Tashman writes “In fact, charitable giving is one of the five pillars of Islam. Wildmon could have done a simple Google search to find the names of major Muslim charitable organizations like Islamic Relief, Red Crescent Societies and Muslim Aid…”

1. I go to the web site of Islamic Relief. Right away the site tells us where the organization is charitably active. The list starts off with Albania and Afghanistan and ends with Yemen. Every single country listed, except the US, is principally populated by Mohammedans.

2. I go to the web site of Muslim Aid and read about the Mohammedan charity bestowed by this group. It turns out that, here too, all charity except in 2 cases is showered on Mohammedan-majority countries, and we can fairly assume that the beneficiaries are Mohammedans.

The 2 exceptions are charitable acts by Moors, the Mohammedan minority of Sri Lanka. It turns out that one of the acts in question was a blood drive in a Sri Lankan town, Muttur, that is mostly inhabited by Mohammedans. The same Sri Lanka Mohammedans also distribute charity in Myanmar. It turns out that Myanmar has a sizable Mohammedan minority, and it is safe to assume that the charity was expended for the benefit of this minority.

3. The Red Crescent, it turns out, isn't a “Muslim charitable organization” at all! It has no religious affiliation. According to its web site, the “International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world's largest humanitarian organization.” In other words Red Crescent and Red Cross are the same organization. The site goes on to say that “The Red Crescent is used in place of the Red Cross in many Islamic countries." So “Red Crescent” is not only not an islamic organization, but it isn't an organization at all, it's merely the trademark of the Red Cross used in certain countries!
4. Tashman states “charitable giving is one of the five pillars of Islam.” And he speaks the truth. I look up the Koranic brand of charity, called zakat, in the Wikipedia. The following cites give you an idea of what zakat is all about:
“Some scholars disagree whether the poor that qualify [for zakat] should include non-Muslims. Some state that Zakat may be paid to non-Muslims, but only after the needs of Muslims have been met.”
Among prominent recipients entitled to the proceeds of zakat are:
1. “Non-Muslims who are sympathetic to Islam or wish to convert to Islam.”
2. “The zakat collectors themselves”, and
3. “Those working in God's way”
From several other sources I discover that “those working in God's way” includes mujahedeen, i.e. Mohammedans who practise jihad, namely armed combat to subdue infidels.
Upshot: A preliminary survey indicates fairly conclusively that Mohammedans do indeed practise charity, but practically only toward other Mohammedans. Christians, on the other hand, practise charity regardless of the beneficiary’s religion. For example Dalets are mostly non-Christian. There are countless instances of Christians  bestowing charity on Mohammedans and other non-Christians, but I cannot think of any case where Mohammedans bestow charity on Christians.  

Furthermore it is profoundly misleading to call zakat just plain “charity”. Zakat expressly includes both charity and military assistance to religious warriors, and no clear distinction is drawn between them.

Please note that the evidence cited is furnished by a writer who (who knows why) is extremely desirous of proving how charitable Mohammedans are. Accordingly the selection of evidence cannot be called biased against Mohammedans.

I must conclude that Brian Tashman is prone to issuing grandiloquent statements defending Mohammedans against all comers and with scant regard for the facts.

Is that “the American way”?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

- Desert Power Beverage

Meshawy’s world famous Shalimar fancy homogenized Camel Urine  بول ناقة
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