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by Genghis Cohn
Tarek Mehanna: punished for speaking truth to power,, Monday 16 April 2012, by Ross Caputi.

Despite his evidently noble intentions, Ross Caputi is an ignorant buffoon who does not know what he is talking about. Nonetheless he is undeniably a mouthpiece for insidious, lying Mohammedan propaganda.

In his note, Ross Caputi states:

… jihad … is pitifully misunderstood in the US. … jihad is equated with terrorism.
Jihad is not synonymous with terrorism, …. Jihad, which literally means "struggle" or "effort", can describe an internal struggle to refrain from sin, an effort to promote Islamic values, or a duty to defend other Muslims when they are under attack. Jihad is not an aggressive war to convert others, nor does it condone terrorism. Yet, jihad is popularly understood in America to be a call for terrorism against infidels.

What Ross Caputi states is A STINKING LIE, because “JIHAD” MEANS KILLING PEOPLE, although not necessarily through terrorism --  jihad can also be conducted with regular armies. Caputi is parroting the standard peaceful-sounding spiel customarily propagated by Islamist fanatics in order to soothe infidels’ justified fears.

In fact, all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence agree that  

"Jihad is when Muslims wage war on infidels, after having called on them to embrace Islam or at least pay tribute [jizya] and live in submission, and the infidels refuse."

جليل التربية الجهادية في دو الكتاب و السنة
[Jalil, At-Tarbiya al-Jihadiya fi Daw' al-Kitab wa ' s-Sunna] p. 7.

The following passage from the revered authority on the Qur'ān, Sayyid Qutb, makes perfectly clear that “JIHAD” MEANS KILLING PEOPLE:

The assumption must never be made that jihād was only incidental to a particular situation in a particular place, and that that situation no longer exists. It is not that Islam loves to draw its sword and chop off people’s heads with it. The hard facts of life compel Islam to keep its sword drawn and be incessantly on its guard.

Sayyid Qutb: In the Shade of the Qur’an, volume 3 (surah 4) p. 243

In his usual sneaky way, Sayyid Qutb here pretends that jihad is all about self-defense, whereas the above-cited Islamic jurisprudence makes clear that jihad is not self-defense at all, but instead means war to  subjugate or subdue. unbelievers.

Furthermore Caputi’s spiel about “defend[ing] other Muslims when they are under attack” is ALSO A LIE, because this standard line of Mohammedan doubletalk always uses the term “attack” in an overbroad, typically Mohammedan sense.

Once again, Sayyid Qutb:

Enemies of Islam “… delude themselves into thinking that they are … able to deceive the ‘naive’ believers[1], but Allah uncovers the truth about their actions. They are trying to deceive not only believers, but Allah Himself: ‘They seek to deceive Allah and the believers.’ (Verse 9) … Allah always … protects [believers] and stands against their enemy, and repels any attacks directed at them.”

Sayyid Qutb: In the Shade of the Qur'ān, volume 1, p 39

In this passage we see that, for Sayyid Qutb, to criticize Islam is the same as attacking Moslems. DISPUTING MOHAMMEDAN MUMBO-JUMBO IS THE SAME AS KILLING MOSLEMS.  Accordingly, ISLAM JUSTIFIES KILLING PEACEFUL CRITICS OF ISLAM.

Igor Slamoff

[1] “Deceiving believers” in standard Islamo-doubletalk means to tip Moslems off that Islam is actually just a bunch of crap.

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