Monday, 9 April 2012

Slavery is better than freedom!


Another instance of Mohammedan doubletalk

One of the most prominent thinkers, if one can use that  term, of the Mohammedan world is worthy of mention. He wrote a best-selling commentary on the Koran called In the Shade of the Koran  that is read by many faithful and presumably exerts great influence. I write of Sayyid Qutb.

His commentary is characterized by crude thinking and extreme concepts. He writes that a Mohammedan who is ruled by a non-Mohammedan government is a “slave”. Note the lack of gradations. It is not a question of a Mohammedan under alien rule being irked and inconvenienced, even harassed and oppressed. No, there are only two possible situations: either Mohammedans rule or they are slaves. Please note that Sayyid Qutb was writing about Mohammedans living under freedom of religion as is normal in secular, democratic societies.  

On the other hand when Sayyid Qutb writes of his ideal Mohammedan society, he claims that it offers freedom of religion to non-Mohammedans. However what  he calls “freedom of religion” is dhimmi status, which is hedged in by all kinds of restrictions under the Pact of Omar. No repairing churches, no preaching to Mohammedans, humility toward Mohammedans. If any of these rules are broken, not only the transgressor, but the whole of the transgressor’s dhimmi  community may be punished, even massacred. 

So the status that Sayyid Qutb calls “slavery” when enjoyed by a Mohammedan, is far, far better than the “freedom” that Sayyid Qutb and Islam offer us non-Mohammedan dhimmis who will populate the nether reaches of his splendid Korangutan utopia..

Slavery is better than freedom! That’s Korangutan logic for you. 
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