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Sayyid Qutb -- Fascist dirtbag extraordinaire

Review of Clinical Islamunacy - Slaughterfaith

By Igor Slamoff

A pre-review of John Calvert’s Sayyid Qutb and the Origins of Radical Islamism

I have not yet read the book, but having read the reviews and excerpts therefrom, I would like to make these preliminary remarks, subject to correction or amendment once I have read the complete biography.

Calvert's bio of Sayyid Qutb is sympathetic. Uh-oh.

To quote one review of Calvert’s bio, “Lacking a pure understanding of the leader's life and work, the popular media has conflated Qutb's moral purpose with the aims of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. He is often portrayed as a terrorist, Islamo-Fascist, and advocate of murder. An expert on social protest and political resistance, John Calvert rescues Qutb from misrepresentation and follows the evolution of his thought within the context of his time.”

John Calvert would be perfect as a biographer of Dr. Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s Reichsminister für Propaganda, who perished by his own hand in the Berlin Führerbunker after poisoning his eight children, shortly before the bunker was overrun by Red Army infantry in May 1945. Calvert’s understanding and compassionate approach would reveal to the reader how Goebbels has been maligned by history and was actually a kindly family man, owned a cocker spaniel and used to go sailing on the Krumme Lanke.

Even the most cursory reading of Sayyid Qutb’s works reveals that throughout his life Qutb was a pathological liar and a bloodthirsty fanatic, just like Dr. Goebbels. The same demented frenzy dominates Qutb’s mendacious account of the US written around 1950 and the fanatical exhortations of In the Shade of the Koran written in the 1960s.

The naïf reader may suspect that the author, John Calvert, is counting on an Islamist takeover of America and is playing it safe in order to ingratiate himself with the Islamafia that may soon rule us. It would be more charitable to point out that any expert on the Middle East must feign approval or at least tolerance of Mohammedan mumbo-jumbo in order to obtain  access to Moslem sources and assure his/her own survival when traveling in the Middle East, a region notoriously rife with fanatical Mohammedan hitmen. Accordingly any criticism of islam expressed by an academic expert must be tactful to the point of obsequiousness. Any brusque remark might trigger the end of his/her academic career and/or his/her biological life span.

I myself – despite my frequent and intemperate outbursts against Korangutan malarkey -- can travel unhampered throughout the Middle East because I have taken the precaution of writing under a pseudonym.  The drawback to this gambit is that I cannot easily embark on an academic career as an islamologist, at least not under my nom de guerre.

Reviewers ignorant of this existential dilemma in which islamologists find themselves fail to read between the lines and accordingly take everything literally. A grave mistake.

Having read a substantial chunk of Qutb’s ravings, I have not the slightest hesitation in concurring with “the popular media” that Qutb was indeed a precursor of Osama bin Laden and of al-Qaeda and that he was indeed a terrorist, an Islamo-Fascist, and an advocate of murder.

Any objection to this characterization of Sayyid Qutb can consist only of verbal quibble and elegant sophistries, which Calvert is extremely adept at disgorging.

One reviewer calls Calvert an “expert on social protest and political resistance”. That sounds very much as if Calvert were an eager apologist for any crackpot with an axe to grind. Sayyid Qutb may have done oodles of social protesting and political resistance, but that is not sufficient to exalt him into a saintly or prophetic figure.

That is because Sayyid Qutb was first and foremost a bullshit artist of the most sordid stripe. This condition was evidently inborn, because as I pointed out earlier, the same foaming-at-the-mouth dogmatism and shameless lying are evident in his early scribbles as in his late scribbles, to say nothing of his intermediate scribbles.

Furthermore I can point to the exact pages of his wretched œuvre that prove my point. I refer the inquisitive reader to several brief reviews I have written on Sayyid Qutb's works that can be read in my blog, to wit
  1. Sayyid Qutb's lies about America,
  2. Psychopathology of islamic homicidal frenzy,
  3. Islam vs. Free speech,
  4. Islam makes you stupid,
and others.

Slaughterfaith - Review of Clinical Islamunacy

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