Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Attenuated Multiculturalism®

His Exalted Event Horizon
A dramatic new cultural-policy initiative 
from the brilliant mind 
of the Supreme Despot 
of the Servants of Nebuchadnezzar
under the slogan “Beyond Palæo-Multiculturalism!“

by The Bali Putra, M.Sc.

Abstract: This breakthrough new conceptual model will reinvigorate the multiculturalism movement and at the same time make it more acceptable to the  public at large.

This new buzzword, Attenuated Multiculturalism®, is a brand-new proposal dished up by my Council of Sages. I hereby reveal it to an awed world.

The key concept behind Attenuated Multiculturalism® is its, so to speak, “variable-geometry” feature that makes it so inherently flexi-poo. Attenuated Multiculturalism® has also been called “Multiculturalism Minus One”.

The truly ingenious thing about Attenuated Multiculturalism® is that it does not crudely lump all cultures a priori into the same category, as did Palæo-Multiculturalism in its day. Pride of place in Attenuated Multiculturalism®’s methodological toolbox is its fresh new approach to defining the scope of multi-culti shenanigans.

Attenuated Multiculturalism® is the answer to the  question “Which cultures are a nuisance?”

The structure of Attenuated Multiculturalism® is determined in two stages, to wit:

  1. The population of the territory concerned is entreated to ponder which are the most worthy and the most unworthy cultures.
  2. After the issue has been thoroughly debated for six months, an election is held to exclude one or more cultures from the circle of the elect.
  3. Then multi-culti happens, to the  exclusion of the cultures deemed unworthy.

Even if no election is held, the public debate on the issue “Which cultures are a nuisance?” should rearrange priorities.

The Bali Putra has spoken. Long live the Bali Putra!

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