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Meaning of intifada

Islamo-windbag Mona Eldahry 

 by Igor Slamoff

Devout Mohammedans are not only prone to fits of violence, but are also notorious liars. Indeed, their so-called prophet encouraged them to lie in order to advance the cause of his sleazy cult. (look up taqiyya)

Mona Eldahry (a.k.a. Debbie Something-or-other)  is a Yemeni-American living in New York City who runs a group of Islamic fundamentalist broads and in  2007 was principal instigator of the project to set up a New York public school oriented toward the Arabic language, and thus inevitably toward Islam.  

The school was founded but Eldahry was kicked out of her position as principal  of the school once her Islamist background became notorious. That occurred when she raised a furor by approving a T-shirt with the  words “intifada New York” on it.

According to  reports, the school is now operating, but is not run by Mohammedan crackpots like Eldahry.

In this interview from 2007 with Amy Goodman, a leftist American journalist, Eldahry and her sidekick/accomplice Paula Hajar lie through their teeth and unscrupulously deceive  the gullible American journalist concerning  the meaning of the term intifada, trying to make it sound as harmless as possible.

AMY GOODMAN: And so, "intifada" means…?
MONA ELDAHRY: "Intifada" means "shaking off," you know, so shake off these pressures that we’re feeling, both from the other side and from our side. You know, we have to speak out. And if we don’t speak up for ourselves, who will?
PAULA HAJAR: Well, I think it was an excuse. They were obviously looking for something. It’s tragic that they attack the language the way they do. I mean, Mona has talked about the word "intifada." You know, the word for a school is "madrasah," and they use it as an epithet, you know, that this was going to be a madrasah, meaning a training ground for jihadists or for, you know, warriors. So it’s kind of tragic for all of us to see our culture peeled away this way and trashed, really.

PAULA HAJAR: You know, the language is a large language. Obviously words can be used any and in many different ways. And "jihad," for example, "jihad" has an explanation. "Jihad" is a struggle. It’s more relevant to the inner struggle. It’s like your twelve-step program or Al-Anon or Alcoholics Anonymous or Weight Watchers. It’s what you do to get clear, to kind of clean up your own business. That’s what a jihad really is. But people use it always as a holy war. And this "intifada"—I mean, Mona gave a beautiful explanation, and that was what Debbie was referring to. And people cannot just have these knee-jerk reactions. They have no context. They’re not allowing for context either.

Contrary to the fantasies churned out by the extremist Eldahry, the term intifada was used as early as 1932 to describe a rebellion in Iraq. 

Furthermore, according to  the secular liberal Arab web site Jadaliyya, the term intifada was used to designate at least one violent political protest in Egypt:

“The 1977 Bread Intifada refers to the insurrection of poor Egyptians against the elimination of the bread subsidy in 1977 by Anwar el Sadat. Hundreds of buses and buildings were burnt.

In other words intifada usually means “insurrection”, although it can still be used to mean “shaking off”, which was its original meaning.

Their explanations in this interview of the Arabic terms madrassah and jihad are equally hypocritical and mendacious.  

It is true that in Arabic madrassah just means “school”. However on the  Indian subcontinent, where no Arabic is spoken, madrassah has come to mean “Mohammedan indoctrination facility”.  In India and Porkistan, madrassahs have long been powerful  instruments used by the Deobandit sect for spreading terrorist Mohammedan ideology.  

I cite from a recently published work on shari'a law: 

“The chief law lecturer of a Lucknow (India) madrasa began by warning me that any attempt to understand the shari’a required a fluency in classical Arabic and proficiency in Qur’anic exegesis, and that any questions I had in mind (i.e. about shari’a) were at least a decade premature.”
“A particularly memorable put-down came from Mohammed Afshani, the director of fatwas at a militant Karachi madrasa called the Jamia Farooqia.”
Heaven on Earth: A Journey Through Shari'a Law, by Sadakat Kadri, p. 14

Strangely enough, Eldahry is not your standard-issue Mohammedan fanatic. She has taught in New York City schools for more than 20 years and has been very active in fostering inter-ethnic solidarity, notably encouraging reconciliation between Jews and Mohammedans. 

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