Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sneaky Mohammedan intrigue

US embassy in Islamabad burnt by a fanatical Mohammedan mob (1979)
In  1979 the Mecca Megamosque was seized by a mob of fanatical Mohammedan gunpersons who proclaimed the Mahdi and were then besieged by the Saudi Arabian army.

Islamist provocateurs thereupon launched rumours -- in Porkistan and elsewhere -- according to which the Megamosque seizure had been planned by the US.  A mob of gullible and/or complicit Korangutans then stormed, sacked and burned the US embassy in Islamabad. They may have had good reasons to burn the US embassy, but they chose a completely hare-brained pretext, because the US gains nothing by stirring Korangutan passions, uncontrolled as they are by the power of reason.

Thus we see that Islamists have no scruples in lying to their flock, manipulating their primitive passions to provoke gratuitous violence, and at the same time misleading them about the true problem posed by US imperialism. 

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