Wednesday, 11 January 2012

10 words Mohammedans hate

This invaluable list of terms was supplied by the Christian Science Monitor under the meek and submissive title “10 terms not to use with Muslims[sic!], There's a big difference between what we say and what they hear.

This list was engendered by one Chris Seiple. Bootlickerdom appears to be an occupational hazard for Mr Seiple, since the C.S.M. informs us that he runs “the Institute for Global Engagement, that promotes … religious freedom worldwide.” That sounds like a worthy cause, and I admit that someone with a job like that has to be very tactful and diplomatic, even to the  point of obsequiousness.

By the same token, the ideal diplomat has no convictions and few principles. I am reminded of the UN official  Vieira de Melo who was assassinated in Baghdad several years ago. His bio made him out to be a spineless fixer whose deep-rooted opportunism often enabled him to patch up bitter international and inter-ethnic conflicts.  

However that very lack of principle was his undoing, since he did not hesitate to put the UN at the service of arbitrary and despotic US rule in Iraq and was accordingly assassinated, presumably by Iraqi nationalists.

Consequently those who are NOT  professional diplomats should NOT imitate Mr Seiple by censoring their own thoughts whenever they are in the presence of Mohammedans. That is NOT the right way to resolve conflicts. On the contrary, that is the PATH TO SUBMISSION UNDER THE WHIMSICAL TYRANNY OF ISLAM. 

Mr Seiple has made the error of setting up Metternich and Talleyrand as models for all mankind.

10 words Mohammedans hate:

  1. secular
  2. assimilation
  3. reformation
  4. jihadi
  5. moderate
  6. interfaith.
  7. freedom
  8. religious freedom
  9. tolerance
  10. 'clash of civilizations'


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