Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sayyid Qutb’s Lies about America

by Igor Slamoff

This is a commentary on some of the more egregious horse-shit spewed by the Mohammedan fanatic Sayyid Qutb in 1951, purporting to describe his recent 2-year stay in the US of A.

I would like to preface my remarks by stressing that I am not American and have no emotional attachment to the  country. I strive to be as objective as I can both about America and about the Mohammedan cult that so obsessed Sayyid Qutb.

When criticizing Sayyid Qutb I do not feel as if I were defending America, but rather merely defending the historical truth, which knows no loyalty to land or faith. I strive to be as objective as possible in my assessment. However once my conclusion on a particular issue has been reached, I do not hesitate to express my personal opinion.

Page 5:  “The deformed birth of American man.“

Cite: “In America, man was born with science, and thus believed in it alone.”

 Comment: Sayyid Qutb ignores the fact that many Americans belong to various religions and sects, and that religious faith is more intense in the US than in most other Western countries.    

Cite: “In fact, he only believed in one kind of science, and that was applied science.”

Comment: If this means that in the US applied science has been cultivated to the  exclusion of pure science, then it is a blatant lie. As a matter of fact the US has traditionally been a leader in pure science.  This is no coincidence, because conducting only applied scientific research cannot  be the basis for long-term technical innovation, which is an activity at which Americans excel.

Page 5:  “The origin  of the Americans.”

Cite: “[the] first waves of immigrants … were composed of … adventurers …  and criminals. The adventurers came seeking wealth, pleasure and adventure, while the criminals were brought to this land … as labor for construction and production."

Comment: I do not claim to be an authority on American history, but this is certainly news to me. When writing of “criminals” he seems to be confusing the US with Australia. I know of no British penal settlements in North America.

The description of the "adventurers” well fits the Catholic Spaniards who were indeed the first Europeans to arrive, but who made no permanent impression on the country’s culture or society. Lands deeply marked by Spanish influence began to be incorporated into the US only around the 1830s (Texas), when the country’s character had already been largely fixed in a Protestant, English-speaking mold. The US was largely fashioned by the Protestant ethic, which stresses hard work, frugality and honesty. Sayyid Qutb makes nary a mention of the Protestant sects that so deeply marked the early immigrants.

To save time, I shall merely quote my own remarks (in Psychopathology of Islamic Homicidal Frenzy) on Sayyid Qutb’s outlandish claims about 19th century European history, namely that these inaccurate and highly biased statements show “either profound ignorance or monumental mendacity, most likely both.” Moreover it should be noted that this ideological twaddle appears before he even starts to describe his stay in America.   

I'm getting tired of reading this Mohammedan horse-shit. I'll take a break. Perhaps some other day I shall persevere in my perusal of this obnoxious crackpot. And perhaps not.

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