Wednesday, 28 December 2011

How can an “Islamophobe” be sure he’s kicking a Moslem?

Tackling Islamophobia: Reducing Street Violence Against British Muslims’
 Press Release from The Muslim Council of Britain

The Muslim Council of Britain hosted a special closed-meeting to discuss the growing spate of attacks in all its forms against British Muslims on March 3rd at the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons.

Igor Slamoff remarks: It seems that Mohammedans in Britain are in the habit of wearing certain articles of clothing or adornments that identify them as Goat-fuckers. That is what makes them targets of attack. They should learn from Dutch and French Jews, who have learned to conceal their Jewish identity in public, at least in areas where fanatical Mohammedans abound.

Prominent VVD politician Frits Bolkestein believes there is no future for 'active' Jews in the Netherlands. The conservative politician made his remarks in an interview with freesheet De Pers.
In the interview, Mr Bolkestein says that when he talks about active Jews he means those who are recognisable as such, for instance Orthodox Jews. The former EU Commissioner says there is no future for this group in the Netherlands because of "the anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent, whose numbers keep growing''.
He feels that this group of Jews should encourage their children to emigrate to either the United States or Israel, because he has little confidence in the effectiveness of the government's proposals for fighting anti-Semitism.
Earlier, Mr Bolkestein made similar statements in Het Verval (The Decline) by Manfred Gerstenberg, a recently published book about Jews in the Netherlands. Frits Bolkestein was political leader of the current coalition party VVD between 1990 en 1998. He later served as European Commissioner from 1999 until 2004.
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