Sunday, 4 December 2011


Korangutans doing their thing

by Genghis Cohn

Kit Kittredge’s (of Code Pink) article on AlterNet with the title 'Freedom Waves' (November 2011) makes justified charges against Israel for various illegal and inhumane policies that it practices toward Gaza and its population. For example, despite Judge Goldstone’s coerced retraction of his report, no sensible person denies that Israeli troops committed various war crimes when they invaded Gaza in 2009 in reprisal for rocket attacks against Israel (“Operation Cast Lead”).

Then, of course, there is the harsh Israeli blockade of Gaza, which has led to a decline in the stanard of living there. Kittredge writes an account of a failed attempt to breach the Israeli naval blockade. The Israeli navy appears to have learned from its mistakes and no deaths were registered this time.

However Kittredge’s article is MUCH TOO ONE-SIDED. It completely ignores the many and grievous breaches of human rights and rule of law by the Korangutan Hamas régime that controls Gaza.

A balanced article would explain, among other things, that*

• Human Rights Watch documented numerous Hamas abuses against Gaza civilians during Operation Cast Lead, including the execution of 32 political rivals, shooting of 49 persons in the legs, and breaking the limbs of 73 others.
• Hamas demonstrated a reckless disregard for the population during its putsch against the PA in June 2006
• During the coup Hamas’s actions were characterized by “extra-judicial and wilful killing”
•Torture and the like:
o The leader of Hamas’s Executive Force, Jamal Jarrah, admitted to torture
o The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights documented Hamas torture,
o Hamas arrested the director of Gaza’s electric company, and held him without formal charges for six months
o Hamas abducted political rivals, and set them loose again only after shaving their heads.
Dismantling and replacement of the judiciary: As the PA judicial system in Gaza collapsed, sharia courts became the primary arbiters of disputes.
o Hamas established courts run by the so-called “Palestine Islamic Scholars Association”. In many cases, their judgments were Hamas’s political edicts. The association ruled that a health workers’ strike, in protest of Hamas rule, violated Islamic law
o Hamas, claiming it was dismantling networks of Israeli “collaborators,” sentenced several Palestinians to death for collaborating with Israel. Observers noted a “lack of adequate evidence.”
o Gaza’s top judge in July 2009 ordered all female lawyers to wear headscarves when they appear in court. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights called the move a “dangerous violation of personal freedoms and women’s rights”
After its 2006 putsch Hamas began openly to mistreat the minority Christian community
o Masked gunmen attacked the Rosary Sisters School and the Latin Church in Gaza City with rocket-propelled grenades.
o There were more than 50 attacks against Christian targets in the aftermath of the Hamas coup, including barbershops, music stores, and a U.N. school
o Gunmen blew up the YMCA library in the Gaza Strip
o A Hamas “modesty patrol” attacked a Christian youth’s car after he drove home a female classmate
Egregious breaches of personal freedoms:
o Hamas imposed sharia law and deploys religious police to enforce these laws.
o The Korangutan vice squads were not new; they had operated in Hamas-controlled neighbourhoods in Gaza and the West Bank for years
o In June 2007, vice squads bombed a pool hall, as well as a tiny shop selling popular Arab music recordings
o Other targets included internet cafes and pharmacies.
o Hamas forces policed the streets for couples walking together, and took it upon themselves to verify their marital status.
o As attacks increased, so did the number of men who grew beards and women who wore veils. Many reportedly chose these expressions of Islamic piety out of fear rather than conviction
Numerous violations of free speech and press freedom:
o Hamas announced on television the “end of secularism and heresy in the Gaza Strip”
o The Korangutan Hamas closed down opposition television and radio stations
o Hamas gunmen attacked two cameramen from the Abu Dhabi satellite television channel
o Hamas gunmen stormed the Gaza bureau of the al-Arabiya satellite channel.
o Hamas detained a German television crew after it shot footage portraying Hamas in a negative light.
o Hamas issued a ban on phrases such as “Hamas militias” and “ousted government”.
o Hamas regularly threatens and blackmails reporters
o Contrary to what Hamas’ leaders say, journalists are not free to criticize the Islamist movement, to communicate the stance of other factions, or simply to set forth divergent opinions.
o Most journalists share this point if view, but none of them can express themselves publicly, so great is the risk of reprisals
• The Muslim Brotherhood, for its part, and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), identified by the FBI as the Muslim Brotherhood’s front organization in America, have largely remained silent regarding Hamas’s continued violation of human rights in Gaza
• Indeed, while the Brotherhood remained silent during two years of misrule in Gaza, the organization’s leader, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, called upon his supporters to launch a jihad for the Palestinians in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.
• CAIR launched a 2008 campaign advocating an end to Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip,” but has remained silent on the issue of Hamas’s Korangutan misrule in the beleaguered territory.
• In other words, Kittredge and her fellow-“freebies” are imitating the cynical Korangutan policy of the Hamas front in the US, CAIR.

All this raises the following questions:

• Which is the major threat to freedom in Gaza?
• Who exercises oppression in Gaza?
• Who opposes civil liberties in Gaza?
• Who violates human rights in Gaza?

Obviously, there are 2 answers to these questions;

1. IN FIRST PLACE, HAMAS, the Mohammedan terror gang. And
2. IN SECOND PLACE but lagging far behind, ISRAEL.

Against whom are the actions of the Free Gaza Movement directed?

Against the number 2 oppressor, Israel.
NOT against the no. 1 oppressor, the Islamo-Fascist Korangutan Hamas gang.

Clearly the adjective “free” in the name “Free Gaza Movement” and those of its clones is being used in an intentionally deceptive way, since the primary enemy of freedom in Gaza is obviously Hamas, and Israel plays merely a secondary role in oppressing Gazans. However, all FGM’s acts are directed against Israel, and none against Hamas.

Consequently FGM and its clones, possibly including Code Pink, must be considered phony front organizations for the Islamo-Fascist Hamas terror gang.

See Talibanization of Gaza, by Jonathan Schanzer

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