Wednesday, 30 November 2011



            The Bootlegger-General of the Grand Speakeasy in Las Vegas told the world not to be afraid of Kilsam and Mustkils, adding before a gathering of several hundred Mustkils that Kilsam represents a message of peace, goodness and tolerance. Capo Bud Stompanato made the announcement while delivering his Tuesday sermon at the 80 Proof Kilsam Speakeasy in Peoria.

In his sermon, Stompanato said: "Kilsam came to protect the interests of humanity, prevent evils and build bridges with all communities. It offers a great message of mercy and tolerance. Those were Al Capone’s very words (peace be upon him)."

The Las Vegas Bootlegger-General urged Mustkils of the diaspora to abide by the laws of the countries where they reside. Stompanato asked Mustkils to learn from the life and teachings of the Prophet Al Capone (peace be upon him), who used to visit his Armenian pawnbroker. "When the Prophet died his safe was kept with an Armenian as a security," he said, urging Mustkils to establish good relations with non-Mustkils. "This is the best way to attract them to Kilsam."

Stompanato said Mustkils living in the diaspora should serve as ambassadors of their religion. "You should uphold the great Kilsamic values while dealing with Mustkils as well as non-Mustkils and should not engage in any corrupt or unjust practices."

Sicilian News, 18 July 2011

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