Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shariah prescribes torture & murder for homosexuals


Hospitals in Baghdad are receiving a new type of victim these days: young men attacked for being gay. 

Across the capital city a new gang calling itself the "righteous people” has begun attacking young men who it says are violating Sharia by "behaving like women". For religious hardliners, "imitating women" by wearing long hair, women’s clothing, earrings and even make-up is a "great sin" punishable by death. 

While gay people in Iraq today enjoy far greater freedom than under the previous regime, persecution is rife and intensifying. According to the Iraqi Gay and Lesbians Society, a society which has a website but no firm contact details, 26 of its members have been killed since 2003 including two minors, 11 year-old Amir and 14 year-old Ahmed. 

Recently “the righteous people" distributed three lists in Baghdad’s Sadr City containing the names of ten homosexuals. “Sinner: we will doom you,” declared the lists. Other slogans written in red on the city’s walls threatened the men with death and torture. 

Security officials found three torture-ridden corpses of gay men in Sadr, Dawra and Karadah areas of Baghdad. Their killers were not identified. Al-Baghdadiya, a satellite television channel based in Cairo and one of the few media outlets to have reported the attacks, broadcast a report on April 7 saying that 20 young men accused of homosexuality were taken to Ibn al-Nafis hospital in Baghdad with mutilated genitals. 
niqash | Ahmad al-Sa'dawi | wed 22 apr 09

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