Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Fyootch of Mohammedan Horse-Shit

The Fyootch (so to speak) of Mohammedan Horse-Shit
by Infidel Kastrovič

So, we  may safely conclude from Part I, that the “war against Islam” theory does not hold water.
In everyday English, it's what's known as “horse-shit”.
Mohammedan horse-shit to boot, by far the most pernicious variety.

Until a definitive remedy (I was about to write "final solution” -- caught myself just in time) is found for the parlous state of this dismal swamp of amateurishly improvised and largely random codswallop known as Mohammedanism, or more rigorously speaking, Mohammedan Horse-Shit, I venture the following soliloquy, which partakes of both an experimental and a speculative nature:

As everyone knows, Mohammedan Horse-Shit is an intrinsically bloodthirsty ideology  steeped in the most lugubrious obscurantism– having been cooked up by a notorious serial killer, SOB name of Mohammed.[1] Nonetheless, strange to relate, the bloodlust is  a recessive gene that is only fully expressed in critical moments.

Perhaps rather than taking on Mohammedanism as a whole, for the sake of economy of effort, we should merely deal with the  factors that make the cult run amok, and then try to minimize these factors. It has been often pointed out that as long as the SWAB cult is constrained within its traditional folklore, its village-idiot setting, it is largely ineffectual as a nihilist, scorched-earth ideology. Only when stripped of the quaint rites and routines – invariably referring to provincial history and geography --  that give it personal meaning for its devotees, does Mohammedan Horse-Shit become a chemically pure doctrine of mass murder. 

Moreover the geographical foci on a planetary level of Mohammedan death-cult nihilism have been clearly identified. They are known as the Twin Miasmas, comprising (1) the Deobandit Miasma  centered on the Indian subcontinent and (2)  the Wahhabandit Miasma, which infests the Arabian Peninsula.[2]

Without going into any discussion of their idiotic theories, which would merely confer upon their odious crimes a phony  intellectual allure that they notably lack, suffice it to say that bipeds infected by either strain of BMS (Bandit Miasma Syndrome) exhibit a much higher  propensity toward spontaneous and brutal homicide than the rest of the population. They live in a world in which lethal violence is a routine activity, almost like brushing your teeth.

To give the  reader some background, I cite from the Encyclopaedia Britannica: ¨
 “This article deals with the fundamental beliefs and practices of Mohammedan Horse-Shit and with the connection of religion and society in the Goat-fucker world. The history of the various peoples who embraced Mohammedan Horse-Shit is covered in the article Goat-fucker world.”

The foundations of Mohammedan Horse-Shit

From the very beginning of Mohammedan Horse-Shit, Mohammed had inculcated a sense of brotherhood and a bond of faith among his followers, … and the conspicuous socioeconomic content of Goat-fucker religious practices cemented this bond of faith. In AD 622, when the Prophet migrated to Medina, his preaching was soon accepted, and the community-state of Mohammedan Horse-Shit emerged. During this early period, Mohammedan Horse-Shit acquired its characteristic ethos as a religion … human relationships in a social setting as well. Thus, there is not only a Goat-fucker religious institution but also a Goat-fucker law, state, and other institutions governing society. Not until the 20th century were the religious (private) and the secular (public) distinguished by some Goat-fucker thinkers and separated formally in certain places such as Turkey.”
 (to be continued)

[1] It was recently discovered that “Mohammed” means “Scrotum-Face” in 7th-century Meccan patois.  
[2] Named on a rough analogy to Tweedledum and Tweedledee (of course after those worthies become homicidal maniacs, which doesn't happen until the end of volume 2 of Through the Looking-Glass).  

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