Friday, 15 July 2011


fostered deep hatred against Jews and instigated and led conflicts of Arabs against Jews and against British marked by great bitterness, bloodshed and cruelty. No  Arab dared speak freely for fear of being murdered by the Mufti’s myrmidons.  There was constant denunciation of some Arabs as traitors because they failed to comply with some instruction he issued.

In other words, he was an all time Islamo-Fascist Crackpot  who destroyed democratic dialogue on the altar of a furious, fanatical military campaign invoking both Arab nationalism and bandit-cult leitmotivs.

He was a contemporary and kindred spirit of Joseph Stalin, and became Adolf Hitler-s most prized Arab ally. 

The life story of Islamo-Fascist crackpot Amin el Huseini illustrates how close Islam is to terrorism and to tyranny. 


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