Thursday, 28 July 2011

20 or so Islamophobic remarks for every occasion

By Igor Slamoff

How much pig urine do you need to desecrate 20  million Korans?
Islam is a religion, just as a coffin is a piece of furniture.
The principal risk factor for Mohammedanism is ignorance.
Death to Islam.
Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man.
We will turn Islam into a branch of Archaeology!
Islam is the most highly developed form of barbarism.
Islam makes you stupid
The Interminable Compendium of Mohammedan Mumbo-Jumbo
Mohammedan Horse-shit
"The tree of liberty  must be refreshed  from time to time  with the blood of  Mohammedan fanatics."
We hate Islam because Islam is so exceedingly odious!
The only good Islamo-Fascist is a dead Islamo-Fascist.
Q.  Is Islam a terrorist religion?   A.  Depends what you mean by “religion”. 
Areas infested by bloodthirsty Mohammedans
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a public menace!
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a degenerative disease of the central nervous system!
Islam: An ideology of genocide driven by systemic paranoia.
Islam sanctifies rage
Fuck that monotheist crap!
Non-Goat-fuckers unanimously reject Mohammedan horse-shit. 
If the Koran is art, then Mohammed was a bullshit artist.
Don't tell me those stupid Mohammedans actually BELIEVE that crap they read in the Koran!
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a criminal conspiracy!
There is no Monkey-Boy but Monkey-Boy, and Scrotum-Face is its mouthpiece
Islam is a brutal political ideology with some hocus pocus thrown in for good measure!
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a pain in the ass!
Freedom of religion does not cover death cults like Mohammedanism.

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