Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Fyootch of Mohammedan Horse-Shit

The Fyootch (so to speak) of Mohammedan Horse-Shit
by Infidel Kastrovič

So, we  may safely conclude from Part I, that the “war against Islam” theory does not hold water.
In everyday English, it's what's known as “horse-shit”.
Mohammedan horse-shit to boot, by far the most pernicious variety.

Until a definitive remedy (I was about to write "final solution” -- caught myself just in time) is found for the parlous state of this dismal swamp of amateurishly improvised and largely random codswallop known as Mohammedanism, or more rigorously speaking, Mohammedan Horse-Shit, I venture the following soliloquy, which partakes of both an experimental and a speculative nature:

As everyone knows, Mohammedan Horse-Shit is an intrinsically bloodthirsty ideology  steeped in the most lugubrious obscurantism– having been cooked up by a notorious serial killer, SOB name of Mohammed.[1] Nonetheless, strange to relate, the bloodlust is  a recessive gene that is only fully expressed in critical moments.

Perhaps rather than taking on Mohammedanism as a whole, for the sake of economy of effort, we should merely deal with the  factors that make the cult run amok, and then try to minimize these factors. It has been often pointed out that as long as the SWAB cult is constrained within its traditional folklore, its village-idiot setting, it is largely ineffectual as a nihilist, scorched-earth ideology. Only when stripped of the quaint rites and routines – invariably referring to provincial history and geography --  that give it personal meaning for its devotees, does Mohammedan Horse-Shit become a chemically pure doctrine of mass murder. 

Moreover the geographical foci on a planetary level of Mohammedan death-cult nihilism have been clearly identified. They are known as the Twin Miasmas, comprising (1) the Deobandit Miasma  centered on the Indian subcontinent and (2)  the Wahhabandit Miasma, which infests the Arabian Peninsula.[2]

Without going into any discussion of their idiotic theories, which would merely confer upon their odious crimes a phony  intellectual allure that they notably lack, suffice it to say that bipeds infected by either strain of BMS (Bandit Miasma Syndrome) exhibit a much higher  propensity toward spontaneous and brutal homicide than the rest of the population. They live in a world in which lethal violence is a routine activity, almost like brushing your teeth.

To give the  reader some background, I cite from the Encyclopaedia Britannica: ¨
 “This article deals with the fundamental beliefs and practices of Mohammedan Horse-Shit and with the connection of religion and society in the Goat-fucker world. The history of the various peoples who embraced Mohammedan Horse-Shit is covered in the article Goat-fucker world.”

The foundations of Mohammedan Horse-Shit

From the very beginning of Mohammedan Horse-Shit, Mohammed had inculcated a sense of brotherhood and a bond of faith among his followers, … and the conspicuous socioeconomic content of Goat-fucker religious practices cemented this bond of faith. In AD 622, when the Prophet migrated to Medina, his preaching was soon accepted, and the community-state of Mohammedan Horse-Shit emerged. During this early period, Mohammedan Horse-Shit acquired its characteristic ethos as a religion … human relationships in a social setting as well. Thus, there is not only a Goat-fucker religious institution but also a Goat-fucker law, state, and other institutions governing society. Not until the 20th century were the religious (private) and the secular (public) distinguished by some Goat-fucker thinkers and separated formally in certain places such as Turkey.”
 (to be continued)

[1] It was recently discovered that “Mohammed” means “Scrotum-Face” in 7th-century Meccan patois.  
[2] Named on a rough analogy to Tweedledum and Tweedledee (of course after those worthies become homicidal maniacs, which doesn't happen until the end of volume 2 of Through the Looking-Glass).  

Thursday, 28 July 2011

20 or so Islamophobic remarks for every occasion

By Igor Slamoff

How much pig urine do you need to desecrate 20  million Korans?
Islam is a religion, just as a coffin is a piece of furniture.
The principal risk factor for Mohammedanism is ignorance.
Death to Islam.
Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man.
We will turn Islam into a branch of Archaeology!
Islam is the most highly developed form of barbarism.
Islam makes you stupid
The Interminable Compendium of Mohammedan Mumbo-Jumbo
Mohammedan Horse-shit
"The tree of liberty  must be refreshed  from time to time  with the blood of  Mohammedan fanatics."
We hate Islam because Islam is so exceedingly odious!
The only good Islamo-Fascist is a dead Islamo-Fascist.
Q.  Is Islam a terrorist religion?   A.  Depends what you mean by “religion”. 
Areas infested by bloodthirsty Mohammedans
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a public menace!
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a degenerative disease of the central nervous system!
Islam: An ideology of genocide driven by systemic paranoia.
Islam sanctifies rage
Fuck that monotheist crap!
Non-Goat-fuckers unanimously reject Mohammedan horse-shit. 
If the Koran is art, then Mohammed was a bullshit artist.
Don't tell me those stupid Mohammedans actually BELIEVE that crap they read in the Koran!
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a criminal conspiracy!
There is no Monkey-Boy but Monkey-Boy, and Scrotum-Face is its mouthpiece
Islam is a brutal political ideology with some hocus pocus thrown in for good measure!
Islam isn’t a religion -- it's a pain in the ass!
Freedom of religion does not cover death cults like Mohammedanism.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Robert Spencer trying to act tough


Robert Spencer’s persistent and systematic defiance of lurking Islamic hegemony is a truly admirable feat that lies in the best traditions of Western Enlightenment thought, and thus of Western civilization as a whole, including its religious component, dominated by various religious traditions in which Christianity predominates. I find Robert truly remarkable in the humility, the lack of pathos, the plain talk, and the precision of the   thinking, that he deploys against the cultthroats.

Considering the fact that Robert Spencer’s principal heavy, his nemesis,  his Dr. Moriarty, his Fu Man-Chu, is the Prophet Mohammed, it is  truly astonishing how whenever he mentions Mohammed he manages to ooze more good  breeding, self-control  and obsequious politeness than a hair-oil salesman.

I greatly admire such rhetorical restraint (although perhaps not so much when carried to such comical extremes), not only on esthetic grounds but also for the more practical reason that it forces the foe to express himself rationally, which of course is Islam’s undoing. Any realistic description of Islam, both by its proponents and its critics,  at once reveals its intolerably totalitarian, Bronze Age view of the world and produces immediate revulsion in rational people.

That is why SWAB-think is often presented as folk art, popular traditions, instead of a as a thinking method. All traditional ways of thinking including, of course Western traditional folk  thinking, are rife with  deficient, illogical, contradictory., and pre-scientific features, that on the whole make them unacceptable for public consumption except in homeopathic doses. Irrationalism lurks everywhere, in every fibre of our nature.  

I can’t say I  disagree with anything Robert Spencer said in his speech at Stuttgart, addressing a mixed riffraff of Mohammedan louts and their pseudo-Marxist sidekicks. Every one of his reproaches was on target.

But nonetheless his denunciations rang hollow. I admire and respect Robert  Spencer, I consider him an important and ethically unobjectionable historical figure. (That’s probably why the Mossad picked him in the first place, ha-ha.)  

But I say to Robert Spencer in tones of reproach:

A man who denounces one imperialism, namely Mohammedan imperialism,  is morally obligated (at least in petto or by the artifice of muttering veiled allusions) to denounce all imperialisms, including among others, Chinese imperialism, French imperialism, Russian imperialism, British imperialism and, last but by no means least, US imperialism.  Have I left any out?

To any doubters, any who might admire how the US exercises power worldwide,  I say:"I have seen redundant and overwhelming proof for many years that the US  cruelly exploits the hell out of the rest of the world, and often with the greatest brutality." 

One sample will suffice: Wikileaks revealed that the US Embassy in Haiti exerted strong pressure on the Haitian president to revoke or reduce a decree raising the Haitian minimum wage. Purpose;  to increase the profits of the US clothing companies that have their jeans sewn in Haiti for a fraction of the cost in the US.  Increasing the minimum wage was a necessary measure because the workers could not live on what they were earning.

 One sample will suffice: Wikileaks revealed that the US Embassy in Haiti exerted strong pressure on the Haitian president to revoke or reduce a decree raising the Haitian minimum wage. Purpose;  to increase the profits of the US clothing companies that have their jeans sewn in Haiti for a fraction of the cost in the US.  Increasing the minimum wage was a necessary measure because the workers could not live on what they were earning.

Which imperialism is more repugnant, Soviet imperialism that invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968 to prevent freedom from taking root, or American imperialism in Haiti that threatens governments for trying  to save the population from starving (2010)?

Of course it would be tactically disastrous to try to fight on all fronts at once, for Spencer receives much support in his struggle against the Mohammedan system of oppression from supporters of rival systems of oppression.   

But  Spencer’s ritual invocations of freedom, while implying that freedom is practically a free good in America and readily obtainable there, make me feel all queasy inside. It is a grave distortion of the facts.

To imply that the US is a free country  is to use the term “freedom” very loosely indeed. I wager than during the Prague spring of 1968, Communist Czechoslovakia was freer than the US is now, although all the repressive Stalinist laws were still the law of the land, merely because the prime minister was a lover of freedom and chose not to exercise his colossal repressive powers.  

Nonetheless US imperialism is infinitely preferably to Mohammedan imperialism. On the other hand I sometimes I find Moslems’ pragmatic approach to the free market an  attitude much more reasonable and tolerant than the anarcho-capitalist pyrotechnics that often blaze in America, with everyone going ”Oooh!” and “Aah!” as the ideological fireworks blind them to reality.   

Likewise Spencer’s dogged refusal to brook even the slightest criticism of Israel is a bit hard on the digestive system. What I like most about Israel is that it plays by democratic rules, and although it commits injustices, there are incessantly whistleblowers who protest and often prevent the worst excesses from happening. I don't mind the Israeli authorities being tough. Israel’s banning of Kahane’s political  party for racism definitely put Israel in my good books. I also found it very encouraging when cadets at the Israeli Army officer school spontaneously denounced excesses by Israeli troops in the Gaza campaign of 2009. Every country should be like that.  

Moreover  from photographs I have seen evidence that Israeli soldiers often discuss things in a reasonable manner  with Palestinians and do not irradiate  menace They often approach Palestinians while  arguing with them, but without pointing their weapons. That is a clear indication of goodwill and even trust, because right up close their guns are useless.

I was much impressed by a photograph showing an Israeli soldier walking by the body of a dead Arab, presumably done in by other Jewish soldiers. Instead of fixing his gaze straight ahead and ignoring the corpse, he glanced toward it with slightly bowed head and a pensive expression on his face. Even if the photo was cooked up by the Israeli propaganda machine, it reveals a profound underlying humanity that truly moved me.

I'd better stop here.

Friday, 15 July 2011


fostered deep hatred against Jews and instigated and led conflicts of Arabs against Jews and against British marked by great bitterness, bloodshed and cruelty. No  Arab dared speak freely for fear of being murdered by the Mufti’s myrmidons.  There was constant denunciation of some Arabs as traitors because they failed to comply with some instruction he issued.

In other words, he was an all time Islamo-Fascist Crackpot  who destroyed democratic dialogue on the altar of a furious, fanatical military campaign invoking both Arab nationalism and bandit-cult leitmotivs.

He was a contemporary and kindred spirit of Joseph Stalin, and became Adolf Hitler-s most prized Arab ally. 

The life story of Islamo-Fascist crackpot Amin el Huseini illustrates how close Islam is to terrorism and to tyranny. 


Sunday, 10 July 2011



Poor Persecuted Mohammedans Part II -- ISLAM-SCAM No. 26

Islam-Scam No. 26: “WAR AGAINST ISLAM”
by our political commentator 
Infidel Kaştrovič

So, we  may safely conclude from Part I, that the “war against Islam” theory does not hold water.
In everyday English, it's what's known as “horse-shit”.  
And Mohammedan horse-shit to boot, by far the most pernicious variety. 
Mohammedanism -- sometimes also rather alarmingly called “E-slam!”, as if it were a new teenage fad -- is a genocidal ideology whose roots are lost in the mists of time –- which is probably a good thing, when you think what might turn up if we really tried to get to the bottom of the issue. But one thing is certain: it is a genocidal ideology that is incessantly and grievously afflicted by an excruciating persecution complex. The Case of the Haunted Serial Killer.

No matter how gross a Mohammedan’s misdeeds become, he's always whining and sniveling about someone that done him wrong. Alas, Mohammedans suffer so outrageously under this imaginary persecution syndrome that some kind souls (generally inexperienced idealists who haven’t yet been warned about Islam-Scam no. 26) are taken in and gullibly buy the Mohammedan’s hard luck story hook, line and sinker, setting themselves up for weeks or perhaps years of old-fashioned Islamic freeloading and exploitation. So while he’s still busy plucking his latest victim’s belongings he is loudly bewailing the cruelty of some bastard infidel that gave his sainted grandmother the bum’s rush. And the clap.    

Although Mohammedanism occasionally makes a sporting but thoroughly unpersuasive pretense of being a civilized institution, in truth and in fact Islam got stuck in the thick undergrowth right around the middle of Barbarism Stretch II, and has been unable to make any headway since about the ninth century of the Common Era. It sort of seized up after the Mongols got through with it, and has been unable to make any independent motion worthy of mention since right around the time of Hulagu.

I think it is fair to say that the built-in conflicting stresses that plague Mohammedanism result from its being designed to accomplish two inconsistent purposes simultaneously, namely that of operating as a Mafioso personality cult at the same time as it promises pie in the sky allegedly to provide for the material and spiritual needs of the countless miserable bipeds who cling forlornly to its doomed hulk, while casting glances of increasing desperation from beneath cavernous eye sockets.

The atavistic impulse toward enthusiastic savagery that Mohammedanism holds in store for its most loyal -– and bloodthirsty -- devotees seems to be an incurable, but unfortunately not a fatal, symptom of its root disease.  

Until a definitive remedy is found for the parlous state of this dismal swamp of jury-rigged and largely random codswallop known as Mohammedanism, I recommend that bandit-cult preachers be prevailed upon – if need be by colossal bribes or terrifying menaces  -- to imbibe generous doses of the newest and most powerful tranquilizers every Friday about 90 minutes before they are scheduled to address their respective flocks. This technique, pioneered by the KGB in Outer Mongolia in the 1930s, was effective for decades in suppressing the more primitive impulses of several confederations of Central Asian hordes that were constantly on the brink of insurrection. Who knows, without the KGB backing us up in the wastes of Siberia, we might long since have been blindsided by brutal incursions triggered by delayed spastic reactions to the late Genghis Kahn’s genomic sequence.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The True Message of the Holy Qur'an

Organization of Islamic Cocksuckers

“Islamophobia represents a contemporary manifestation of racism and the phenomenon must be addressed in that context,” he added, alluding to the OIC’s drive to amend an existing, binding anti-racism treaty, the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, so that it also covers religion.
The Goat-Fucker-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cocksuckers and Degenerates, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, confers with the deputy head of the Operational Genocide Division. 

Saturday, 2 July 2011