Thursday, 9 June 2011


The long and twisted tale of
Grumfty the Cultthroat
 by Gengis Cohn

The SS raised a whole volunteer Mohammedan regiment in Bosnia in 1943, which was  inaugurated by none other than the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, or the Grumfty, as we fanciers of Islamo-Fascist crackpots affectionately call him. 

The Grumfty later escaped the gallows only through a miracle after the Nazis foolishly lost the war in 1945.  When he saw that the jig was up and the sheriff was rounding up the Fascist scum, the crafty Grumfty managed to elude the gallows and was not even imprisoned (much less simply shot dead and dumped in a common grave as he deserved to be) thanks to effective deployment of his devastating powers of sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy.  (Or perhaps he simply muttered “It was the will of Allah”.) Suddenly he turned around and with his flawless French diction  hypnotized a conservative French diplomat who had been assigned as his nanny into giving him a free pass, whereupon he immediately decamped Europe and scurried back to his Middle East rat-hole.  

 This French guy who had been appointed the Grumfty’s guardian (presumably at de Gaulle’s behest) had formerly been  top banana in the French colonial administration of Syria (which lasted  from about 1919 to about 1943), so he had doubtless already had had dealings with the Grumfty, who was based in Jerusalem, only a four-day camel ride from Syria’s capital Damascus.  Thus they were both practically members of an Old Boys’ club of former Middle East honchos. He  was not only conservative, but also tainted by Vichy (collaborationist) associations. In France in the 1940s, the distinction between “conservative” and “Nazi collaborationist” was fuzzy at best.  It has been conclusively demonstrated that the French Right in the 1930s had already thrown in its lot with the  Nazis. They spontaneously but subconsciously started training to become collaborationists of the impending German occupation. Consequently the French guy was at best a crypto-Nazi. Someone should check the 1945-46 French government archives to discover who decided to appoint such a limp-wristed Conser-Fascist wuss as nanny for the Grumfty.

As a matter of fact I am astonished that the Vatican didn't pull some strings to get the Allies to string up the Grumfty good and proper, same as the other war criminals. Another mystery. Was it the Vatican’s policy to tolerate such cultthroat interventions in its bailiwick? Perhaps they regarded Islamo-Fascists as allies in the war on the Communists. Blessed mercy moved the sainted Pope Pius XII in 1945-46 to conceive, organize and operate the Ratline. to save  the defeated and panicky Facist scum from the gallows. Curiously  enoiugh, Pope Pius showed a truly ecumenical spirit: not only Catholic mass murderers like the bloodthirsty Ante Pavelic, tyrant of Fascist Croatia, found refuge in the Vatican cellars until they could be discreetly shipped to Argentina or wherever, but also Orthodox Fascists, like the head of the Macedonian Fascists Mihailov -- not to be confused with the monarchist insurgent Mihailovic -- were afforded refuge in the Vatican cellars. But I guess Pius drew the line at Mohammedans -- though the Grumfty was no worse than many Catholic prelates and even Protestant ones in supporting the nihilist Fascist regimes of Europe.  
You just have to assume that the Grumfty got on with the  Nazi bigwigs like a house on fire, in view of his Aryan good looks. Just imagine how the Nazis would have reacted to him if he had physically resembled his reputed nephew, Yassir Arafat, who looks like the Missing Link, and a sexual pervert to boot! They would have hollered “Untermensch!” and packed him in a cattle car together with the rest of the Semites. And a good thing too.
The Grumfty, by furnishing a Mohammedan presence in Fascist Europe, was instrumental in injecting the virus of Anti-Semitism into the Arabic-speaking countries and the Mohammedan miasma in general. He was dead set against Jewish colonization of Palestine, which in itself is a defensible position -- after all, Lord Moyne, the British satrap of Egypt in the Second World War, had himself toured Palestine in the 1930s and found it already pretty crowded. Lord Moyne was assassinated for his pains in 1943 by a Zionist terror team that traveled from Palestine to Cairo expressly for that purpose. The Grumfty is on record as favouring expulsion or liquidation of the Jews in Palestine, although he pretended that he would never allow any harm to be done to the small minority of Jews who had lived in Palestine for centuries or millennbia.

However Mohammedan sneakiness (taqiyya) on this point is well documented. The Grumfty appears to have approved of the Farhood -- the anti-Jewish pogrom in Baghdad in June 1941, instigated by the Germans by means of anti-Semitic Arab thugs supporting the Rashid Ali regime. And the Jews of Baghdad had been living there for more than 2,500 years,  since long before the Arabic language was spoken in Iraq.

Rashid Ali was no Nazi and almost certainly not even an anti-Semite, but a fiery Iraqi nationalist politician who had been battling the British colonialists in the field of parliamentary politics for decades. Since Iraq was a quasi-colony of Britain, it was from simple opportunism that he joined forces with Nazi Germany, merely because Germany was Britain's enemy. However alliance with Nazi Germany implied letting Iraq be infiltrataed by anti-Semitic agitators who channelled the scurrilously mendacious Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda into the Iraqi press and reached a wide audience.

The Grumfty not only promoted Fascism in Europe, but actually negotiated with Hitler and Mussolini, eliciting from them a commitment to eliminating the Jewish National Home in Palestine, what today is Israel. If the European Fascists had invaded Palestine, they would have fried every Jew in Palestine, whether old or new.

                (to be continued) 

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